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Just got hitched, how to change my name??

So, we filled out the marriage license application, and got married.  But no where does it talk about getting my name changed....If I bring my marriage certificate (which doesn't show a new last name) to a SS office, will that do it?  Or do I have to go to court to change it?

So confusing...........

Re: Just got hitched, how to change my name??

  • I am using a site to help me through it all. You stl have to wait until you can order the official marriage certificates.

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  • The SS office will need your marriage certificate, proof of citizenship and ID.  I used my passport since that's both, but drivers license and birth certificate are good too- they do not consider your current SS card for some reason.  There's a form (1 page, easy to fill out) that they have there or you can print out online and bring with you to fill out.

    Once you have your new SS card, then go to the DMV who at least in Nevada require SS be updated first.  Banks and such I've found will do it with your new license and marriage certificate.

    MissnowMrs type services just help you fill out the forms which I don't think is worth the cost- you still have to go in person to SS and the DMV so it doesn't really save any time (the bank I also did in person b/c I had to go for something else, but everything else so far I've been able to do online).
  • I have the complete steps here:

    Keep in mind that if you're leaving the country on honeymoon, do not change your name yet or begin the process yet; wait until you get back.

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