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Name Change Issue - Maiden to Middle Name?

So this is a post-wedding question:
For my entire life I strongly proclaimed, "if/when I get married, I will not change my last name!" I continued to feel this way through getting my doctoral degree, and starting to publish. BUT my fiance is a traditionalist: he feels very strongly about me taking his name, and not hyphenating. We've come to a compromise, but now I'm not sure, legally, how I will deal with it.

I've decided to take his name, and use my maiden name as my middle name. I know you can use name-change services like for marriage name changes, but does anyone know if I can use this to legally change my middle name? Or will have to to petition the court, like a normal name change? And does anyone have any experience with this type of name change? My mom uses her maiden name as her middle name, but I don't know if she made it legal.
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