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Is anyone else having a theme wedding? Are you requesting your guests dress to match the theme as well? 

We are having a Red Sox/Baseball theme. I am planning on requesting that the guests all wear their favorite casual sports type attire (ie. jerseys, tshirt, etc.. from their fave team). The key players in the ceremony will all be dressed up for the ceremony, but will change before hitting the reception. FI and I will have our personalized jerseys on along with our formal wear, but everyone else will be rocking jeans or whatever. 

We are wearing the local semipro baseball team's  jerseys with Bride/Groom on the back to wear during all the pre wedding stuff. Then we are getting Red Sox jerseys personalized with his last name on both to wear during the reception and beyond.  For our honeymoon, we are going to Fenway Park and then to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame Induction weekend celebrations.

Re: Theme?

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    No I am not having a themed wedding, just colors. I wouldn't require people to dress up to match your theme though. I think a theme wedding works best when there are touches in the decor or maybe the theme is tied into the food. Some people don't have any gear and may feel like they have to go out and buy something- not cool. Or some people might not feel comfortable wearing sports gear. I love the Red Sox, but I wouldn't want to wear my jersey to a wedding. Just my two cents.
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