Unusual Transportation Desired!

Does anyone know of a place where we could rent a hearse as our day of transportation for a reasonable amount of money?  We live on the border of Luzerne/Lackawanna counties and our wedding is in Wyoming county.  We pretty much just want transportation from the ceremony site to the reception site so it would be like a twenty-thirty minute trip.  Our current plan is to plant my vehicle at the reception venue so I'll be driving us home at the end of the night but we just really think it'd be a nice touch for a Halloween wedding to drive off in the back of a hearse!

Re: Unusual Transportation Desired!

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    Have you called any of the funeral homes? There's several in Tunkhannock, and even more towards Scranton.
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    We've tried that but they're not too receptive actually when they find out it's for a wedding.  The policy seems to be that they don't book hearses in advance because they have to keep them open in case a funeral comes up.  It's an understandably policy but still bums us out.  We have seen a black / green party hearse in Clarks Summit but we can never snap a picture of it quick enough to get the phone number!
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