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Missing the timesucks in the scheduling

As a naive newishly engaged woman planning her 2012 wedding... I have a lot to learn.  And I know there will be the "you'll seeee's"

Anyway, we are trying to think of different wedding options for differnet budges (we are budgeting based on looking at price ranges for the elements that matter to us).

Anyway.... I am sure there will a lot of last minute type of things to do, but we are considering skipping the Rehearsal Dinner since we assumed we'd be eating with our wedding parties/family for lunch on the Wedding Day.  Budget is also definitely an issue.  Anyway, I don't want to overcramp the day, but whenever I write iterinaries for different options I have a lot of time gaps.

I wonder what I'm not accounting for.  Any reminders are very welcome!

Re: Missing the timesucks in the scheduling

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    Things will take far more time than you think they will.

    Also, just because the bridal party don't know eachother dosen't mean they can't eat together.  They are all adults, they can manage.

    You will have less time than you think.  I had my hair done at 9am for a 3pm wedding, and I was doing something just about every moment up until 2:30 when my coordinator made me sit down and take a breather.  The day will be crazy, so get as much done the days before as you can and leave the day of for only wedding stuff.
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