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Reviews: Chapel in the Clouds, Vista Suite, Masterpiece

While I was planning my wedding, I found the reviews on this board to be incredibly useful, so I thought I would return the favour. My husband and I got married on January 20th at the Chapel in the Clouds, we had our reception at the Vista Suite, Mandalay Bay, which was catered by Masterpiece.

Chapel in the Clouds

I had read that the Stratosphere were not good at returning emails and I definitely found this to be the case. It usually took at least 2 or 3 emails before I got a response. They also raised the price of the package after I had paid the deposit - but to compensate us, they provided free wristbands for unlimited thrill rides for our guests after the ceremony. On the day, they were wonderful. We had the ceremony live streamed (which worked wonderfully, but did cost extra) and our friends and family all remarked how great the celebrant was (he opened with "let's get loose"). The ceremony was short and sweet, exactly what we wanted. Cashmans took photos before, during and after the ceremony. They also took our friends and family pictures. I was quite pleased with them, having read some terrible reviews. The photographer was professional, quick and clearly knew his work. Overall, while I could have done without the stress in the lead up to the wedding, I was very happy on the day.

Vista Suite, Mandalay Bay

Our experience with Mandalay Bay didn't start very well, we checked in and went to the suite, only to find it was still being cleaned from the previous guests. We pretty much lost the afternoon and we had quite a lot that needed to be done to prepare. In hindsight, we really should have complained, but we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves. The suite itself is a little tired looking, but at around $1000 a night less than comparable suites in other hotels, it's still really good value. It is huge and we had more than enough room for our 30 guests. There were plenty of seats, so we didn't bring in any extras. We did get in 3 tall tables and they were a really good idea. The suite does have an odd, green tinge because of the gold windows outside. It does have an impact on pictures taken during the day, but at night the view is absolutely stunning.


We loved everything about Masterpiece, communication from day one was amazing. The food was awesome and the price was really reasonable. Our captain, Scott, went above and beyond to make the night fantastic. He was also the bartender for the night (we supplied the alcohol). They set up quickly and efficiently, served the food and drinks and then packed up quietly, taking everything (including rubbish) with them. I honestly cannot recommend them enough. 

Next review will include Bentley and Wilson, Neon Boneyard, Presidential Limos and Freed's Bakery

Re: Reviews: Chapel in the Clouds, Vista Suite, Masterpiece

  • xoedenxoeden member
    Fifth Anniversary 500 Comments 100 Love Its First Answer
    You look gorgeous!

    The greenish tinge; did you find that your regular snaps from at the Vista all had a weird tinge to it? Was the greenish tinge bothersome or just kind of like wearing sunglasses? How did your guests react to the view of the suite?

    Can't wait to see the rest of the reviews!
  • adverbadverb member
    100 Comments Second Anniversary 25 Love Its Name Dropper
    LOVE your bouquet! 

    We were thinking of doing Masterpiece for the bartender. We'd have the bartender come first to do cocktail hour and then have the food delievered later. I wonder if they can do that in two trips or just one.
  • Congrats! 
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  • You looked stunning! I'm also using Masterpiece (catering and bartender only) and Freeds bakery.
  • jayjaayjayjaay member
    100 Comments 100 Love Its Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    Congrats! Love Master P!
  • Xoeden - the regular snaps do have the tinge and we did have to make sure the blinds were closed to do hair and makeup. I'll attach a picture taken in the suite before the ceremony so you can see what it looks like. You do get use to the tinge and the guests absolutely loved the view - it truly is stunning at night and worth every penny. 

    Adverb - Masterpiece were so accommodating with us, I can't imagine they would have an issue with a split shift arrangement.

    Thank you all for the very kind words - the bouquet was from Flowers in the Fields and they were wonderful.
  • Aww your dress and flowers look lovely!

    We viewed the Vista Suite last week and are thinking about holding our reception there with about 40-50 people. All are close friends and family so won't mind being a bit close together - do you think the suite would still be suitable for this many guests?

    Also, how are Mandalay Bay with having outside caterers like Masterpiece?
  • 40-50 would be tight, but I think still doable. We didn't have any problems with having the outside caterer. They got their equipment in and out with no issues at all :)
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