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Must take photos

I am making a list as we speak of must take photos. I want to make sure i don't forget any important moments. What are some of your must take photos or some moments that you didn't think of or forgot?

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  • I have a lot of pictures I have found online that I saved. They are up on my wedding planning website if you want to take a look.
  • I actually got so wrapped up in making sure we got enough good poses that I forgot to take some more relaxed/candid pictures. We booked an extremely cheap photog who has done quite a few weddings but is still a little bit newer, so I literally printed out pics of poses that I wanted and had my personal attendants make sure we got those poses. I'm happy that we got those poses, but I don't have a pic of me and my bridesmaids that isn't posed and I really wish I'd had one. We also forgot to take pics of me with the guys and the groom w/the girls. We got soo many other pictures that it really isn't that big of a deal now, but at first I was very disappointed. My biggest advice is to trust your photog. You can give them a list, but try not to stress about it. Looking back, I stressed way too much about the pictures that day and didn't really let myself relax because I was soo worried about getting all of the pictures.
  • My number one must take is my FI's face when he first sees me.

  • I did not get a family picture of my immediate family. I am very bummed by that. 

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    [QUOTE]<strong>I did not get a family picture of my immediate family. I am very bummed by that. </strong>
    Posted by TaraW1979[/QUOTE]

    <div>I (as a bridesmaid) didn't get a pic of FSIL (the bride), husband, parents and FI & myself (the immediate family plus SOs) and I'm still bummed about it. I think as long as you make a list and make sure your photog goes by it, you should be set :) maybe have someone keep people 'on deck' like gathering for the next shot you're looking for to keep people moving?</div>
  • I have more of a list of shots I dont want rather than the ones I do. I dont like shots of the dress hanging up. I am ambivalent about pictures of me getting ready, our rings together, or the marriage certificate and signing, I dont really need professional shots of my bouquet, centerpieces, etc. I would be fine with amatuer photos of those things.
  • I'm both a professional photographer and a bride so I've got a unique take on situations like this.  First: choose a photographer that you really like and trust and let them be free to have let their vision and style shine by not giving them a "must take" list.  I told my photographer that I don't care if he misses a few shots here or there because I'd rather let him have room to be creative and catch the moments as they occur naturally.  Second:  carve out at least an hour between the ceremony and the reception so that your photographer has the time to get all the nuts and bolts family shots done but also has the time to get creative with the most important shots, which are the portraits of the bride and groom.  Rushed pictures do not turn out as well.  Period.  Third: make a list of which family shots you want and designate someone to help your photographer round them up quickly for portraits.  That's the only list you need to give him.  Also you could be sure to tell him or her any special things about your wedding to watch out for but the other lists are a bit insulting in my opinion.  If they are a professional they will know what they are doing.  I see so many albums where the photographer is just on auto-pilot trying to get every shot on a list and this leaves little room to explore, relax and be creative, which is where the really great pictures will come from.  PLUS, the good news about trusting your photographer to do their job and not creating lists means that you have one less thing to do!  :-)
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