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Good morning, ladies! I had such a wonderful vacation but I'm soooo bummed being back at work!
Vacation/weekend recap: 

Our first full day, we went into Savannah and ate at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room. We waited an hour to get in and it was so worth it. You're seated at a large table with your party and whoever else is in line with you. There are no menus or anything, you get what they make that day which is basically all southern dishes. We had the most amazing fried chicken, BBQ pork, meatloaf, and 22 different side dishes plus dessert and sweet tea. Hands down one of the best meals I've ever eaten in my life. H and I couldn't eat for the rest of the day/night. @cu97tiger - you MUST go here when you're in the area this summer. We walked along the waterfront and had some drinks before heading back to where we were staying on Tybee Island where we went out for more drinks :)

On Thursday, we spent the day on the beach by our condo. The weather was perfect. Robert De Niro and Zac Efron were filming 'Dirty Grandpa' all day so we watched that and I forgot to put on sunblock so I got pretty burnt. My FIL and SIL's met us that night. We had dinner together and walked around the island and they ended up staying with us which ended up being really nice!

Friday, we went back to the beach (this time, with sunblock) and had a nice lazy day. I drank 1 too many banana daiquiris and was definitely drunk which I proceeded to tell @GoldenPenguin, @hummingbird125, @buddysmom80, and @csousa1 about 207 times through the day/night. We went out for seafood that night which was so delicious and I made best friends with a dozen stray cats (shocker).

Saturday, we visited a couple historic sites, grabbed an early dinner (more fried chicken!), and then H and I made our way to the airport to catch our flight. 

Yesterday, was our nephew's christening. After lunch with the ILs, I painted the rest of our dining room and H started working on the cabinet/hutch which he'll finish before I get home from work tonight! I can't wait to fill it with my beautiful china and finally have a place to store all of our liquor. 

My FIL gave us some money to put towards house stuff so I think we're going to use that to buy a grill and wood blinds and I'm so excited about that!

AND... today is my anniversary! H and I have been married for 2 whole years! Time really does fly! We're going out for a yummy steak dinner to celebrate tonight <3

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Re: Monday!

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    @Swazzle -- Happy Anniversary!!

    For our weekend - H and I have been back and forth on a few things and decided to go to a builder's 'model home center' to see one of the models and see if it is really in our budget.  We're on the fence if it's in our budget, we probably could afford it, but we also don't want to live paycheck to paycheck, so we're considering other floorplans that the builder also does that we like (this floorplan was the largest ranch that they build out).

    On Sunday we started off doing the 'Bike Aboard' which is you pay $3 to hop on a train with your bike, you get off at a stop of your choosing and you ride your bike back to your car.  It was supposed to be about 14.3 miles, I ended up riding about 15.7 miles because I kept having to turn around because I don't know how to stay with my pack.  We had got breakfast and lunch on our route.  That was really about it.

  • Happy anniversary! Enjoy your dinner tonight :-)

    Your vacation sounded wonderful!
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    @CocoBellaF - I hope whatever is going on with your H isn't too serious and is easily treatable! 

    @Dignity100 - The Bike Aboard sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you find a floorplan that you like and is in your budget! 

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  • @swazzle happy anniversary!!!

    My weekend was okay.. I worked as usual but Saturday BF and I went to an Eric Church concert which was super fun! He's a great performer and it was the night before his birthday so he was having an extra good time and the crowd loved him. Now that that's out of the way the next two shows I see are going to be TAYLOR SWIFT in June and July and her first show is tomorrow in Tokyo so I have a ridiculous countdown that nobody cares about now :P

    Frappuccino Happy Hour started at work on Friday and UGGGHHHHHH what a nightmare! Its my fifth one and I. Just. Hate. It. Thankfully today and Sunday are the only other two days that I have to deal with it because I don't think I'd survive all ten days. I usually have fun at first but then I look back and there are 20 cups and the adults all start staring at me checking their watches and complaining about the wait but literally I have two blenders and two hands and I'm literally working as fast as possible. And yesterday I was short staffed with a very inexperienced barista on register after an already busy day. I age five years every spring with this lol.
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  • @untouchablets oooo Eric Church!!! So jealous! DH loves him in concert!
  • Where is @KeptInStitches??  We need pics!!
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  • @lmcooper86 HAPPY WEDDING WEEK!!!!
  • @lmcooper86 omg 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    @southernpeach89 - EEEE!!! Congrats home-owner! I'm so excited and happy for you! I can't wait for pics! 

    @untouchablets - Yay for so many fun concerts! Work sounds so overwhelming and frustrating :(

    @TwoDimes - Wedding dress!!!!! Pics?

    @lmcooper86 - HAPPY WEDDING WEEK, LADY!!!! What do you have left to take care of?

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  • @beanbot2002 I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!! You so look beautiful!!
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    ETA @Swazzle Happy Anniversary!!! 2 Years!!

    @beanbot2002 You and your FI look so adorable in that picture! I love it and the flowers and your dress and everything! I'm sorry Bean had to deal with such an awkward and horrible situation this weekend...I'm glad he was able to handle it with grace and maturity. Hopefully someday that old man learns just how wrong he is about his attitudes and prejudices.

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    @500days How exciting! I hope everyone responds quickly! I hated waiting for RSVPs.

    @lmcooper86 Remind me, where you and your FI are going on a HM? Are you leaving right after the wedding? Are you taking any time off this week?

    We registered for crystal on purpose. It was definitely one of my favorite gifts to receive. We registered for Waterford too so I love hearing about it! :) We did the Lismore Nouveau set.

  • @jenna8984 Good luck with those negotiations! Hopefully they will fix everything you want.
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    @swazzle - Your trip sounds like it was lots of fun!

    @beanbot2002 - I love your picture!

    I'm in a bad mood today. I'm burnt out on work. I've been working long hours and weekends which would okay if I enjoyed my job but I don't. On Saturday I was at work for an extra hour because the people above me couldn't figure out why the vault didn't balance. Why I had to stay there, just sitting around while they tried to figure it out (I don't do anything with the vault so there wasn't anything I could have been doing) is beyond me. And I'm scheduled to work every single Saturday the rest of the month except one. In my interview I was told the occasionally Saturday, like once a month. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm really hoping to at least hear back soon from the job I applied to last week.

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