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Curiosity is killing me

I bought my wedding dress a year in advance of my wedding. It is a midday outdoor wedding so I wanted something light. I tried on many styles of dresses and after trying on the same dress at 3 different appointments, I purchased it. I like it a lot, it checks all my boxes, although it is sleeveless and has me a little concerned about it staying up because I am definitely small chested. Now looking through the new dresses that have come out since I bought mine, there is one I am really curious about trying on. Should I do it and risk liking it better or stick with the one I have? The dress on the left is my current dress, the one on the right is what I want to try on. My body type and hair color is pretty much what the model looks like. Thanks for your input!

Re: Curiosity is killing me

  • Could you afford it without having to sacrifice something else? If so, I guess you could try it on. You could sell your first one, but keep in mind that it would probably only go for half of what you paid, even unworn.

    Even with extra money, I personally wouldn't. You'll only get anxious and confused and want to try on even more. Just leave it alone and move on if I were you. The seamstress will have no problem making the strapless fit you.



  • Like southern said, when you buy a dress you should stop looking at dresses.  There are thousands and thousands of dresses out there.  Hell after almost 4 years since my wedding I still see dresses and think "oh I wish that dress was around when I got married" or "ooh that dress is so pretty, dammit I need a do over!"  But I loved my wedding dress and still do and am glad I picked the one I did.

    Before seeing this picture did you second guess your dress?

    As far as it staying up, it doesn't matter how large or small chested you are, what matters is that the dress is altered correctly.  A correctly fitted dress will stay up, a poorly fitted dress will slip.

  • I agree with everyone, if you want to try it on go for it, however, I would not. You bought the dress for a reason and it is a beautiful dress. 

    I also wouldn't worry about it staying up, my lady bits are so small they weren't even on the sizing chart. I had to alter a BM dress last summer and once it was the right size I actually had an easier time keeping it up than the ladies with boobs. 

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  • Honestly, I'd just talk to a seamstress to see if adding straps/sleeves to your current dress. It would be cheaper then buying a whole other dress.

  • Size of boobs has nothing to do with the dress staying up; that's all about the fit of the dress, and that's what alterations are for. If you really want straps, that is also available through alterations, but I wouldn't buy a whole new dress for 'em. David's Bridal has a lot of standardized strap and sleeve options, even, if you look under "accessories", or you could have your seamstress use some of the excess fabric from hemming your gown to make custom straps. Or you could wander over to Alfred Angelo and get these super ornate straps. But honestly, I would just wear the gown you already bought, altered to fit properly, without straps. It's stunning.
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  • Do you have enough money to just be throwing it away like this? If yes awesome buy 7 dresses. If not pull yourself together! Your first dress is great.
  • Once you have a dress, stop looking! There are millions of beautiful dresses. Find one that you can see yourself wearing when you marry the person you love, and stick with it.
    You're always going to have what ifs, but if you liked the first one enough to buy it then it's probably fine.
  • In case any one wants to know, with the encouragement from my mom who said "have no regrets", I went and tried on the other dress. I finally had my "ah-ha" bridal moment where I could absolutely see myself walking down the aisle in that dress. Bless the people at David's Bridal who took back my old dress, and bra which wouldn't be able to be used with the new dress, and the belt that I was no longer going to use. I am absolutely ecstatic about my new dress. Lessons learned in this ordeal, if you aren't completely satisfied with something, then do something about it. You don't want it hanging over your head. People want to see you happy on your special day and they will do all they can to help.
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  • I was scared of wearing a strapless for the same reason--I thought my "girls" were too small to hold it up! But my seamstress reassured me that, when altered correctly, small-chested women actually look lovely in strapless dresses and have no problem holding them up!

    As for the trying on new dresses thing, I did exactly that. Got dress regret when looking at "new" dresses, decided to try new ones on, and ultimately bought a new one. I'm having a hard time selling my old one, so keep that in mind, too--you may NOT be able to sell your old one easily if you buy a new one.
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