Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

It's all going to fall apart

Did anyone at their one month mark think horrible things were going to happen on the wedding day? Or just start to have more anxiety?
 I am your classic type A controller, a teacher at that so I am always over planned, pro-active about things...etc.

Not to mention the nightmares that wake me in the middle of the night(at first they were just small ones, like body image issues/not fitting in my dress, but now I am having bad dreams about the party limo, what on earth can go wrong with that??)

But all I can think about how nothing is going to work out the way I imagined it would. Maybe its because the bachelorette party was flop and the wedding day is another one of those highly anticipated scenerio's....You pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time to have this one day work out. I hear thinking about the postive is a better way to put it in good light.

My fiance tells me to relax but I am just sick to my stomach. I want it to be that Saturday now just to get on with life.
I sound like a downer, I am really excited to be married to a wonderful man, my best friend. But I guess this wedding day stuff isn't what its all cracked up to be. I have taken it off the pedestal it was on, and thinking about it more logically; its just party, etc. I guess I can't get over if something dumb goes wrong.

I enjoyed the planning aspect and would love to do it over again, now with more knowledge.

Sorry to sound so selfish and terrible, I just want to be married now.
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