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Nevada-Las Vegas

Married! Reviews & Pic (Wynn, Amelia, Cashman etc...)

Wedding Date: 8th April 2015,

Ceremony: Primrose Court, Wynn Wedding Salons

Reception: La Tache Room, Wynn
HotelPhoto/Video: Cashman via Wynn Photo Services


Sorry about the delay in posting these review guys. After the wedding we had an epic
buddymoon with 10 of our friends in
Mexico and Hawaii. Overall, the day was the best day ever, everything
went to plan until the zipper on my dress broke but oh well...everything
went amazingly that something had to go wrong. I am
following up with the designer (Yaki
Ravid) though as I spent AUD 9k on it, and the bloody thing broke
before my first dance and speeches. The girls ended up fixing it so it
was super backless so until the husband told everyone during his speech,
no one knew it had broken.


found info on the Wynn very hard to come by when planning so get in
touch if you need any help. Anyway, onto the reviews....check out our
website for wedding,
shutterbooth and buddymoon pics:



Wynn Wedding Salons - A+++++++++++++++++++++++

Co-ordinators -  Darlene Wilson, Rachel Stoops

Ceremony Time - 2pm-3pm, Primrose Court

Celebrant - Phil Shuart

the very beginning, Darlene was amazing. We started planning the
wedding in Dec 2013 and she was so helpful and understanding from my
first email. We did not once have to speak on the phone, everything was
done via email. She was brilliant,
I would email and get a response overnight or sometimes our
timezones crossed over and I'd get a reply that same day. She
sent endless pictures and pricing, and never got annoyed at my 1000
questions. I would send a word document full of pictures and pricing
questions, and she'd just shoot them back all answered
the next day.

booked the ceremony without seeing the venue and trusted that the Wynn
provided excellence, and they did. It is a stack load of money to pay
without seeing the venue but the Salons delivered. We had the ceremony
in the Primrose court
and it was beautiful. We only have 50 guests which was a perfect number
for the space. They say it can take up to 80 guests but I think that
would be too many. This is how Primrose looked on the day



was able to drop my dress off along with the marriage licence to the
salons the day before. When we arrived at the bridal salons, it was all
set up along with refreshments and the floral. It was lovely. The Wynn
staff were ready and waiting,
and they were so organised!!!


Wynn has tight restrictions on the suppliers you can use, so we had to use Phil
Shuart as the celebrant but he was
excellent. He was responsive via email and came and visited Greg and I
separately 15mins before the ceremony as promised. The only downside was
that they charge at $150 fee to meet with him prior
to the wedding day. We didn't pay it - but it all worked out well. He
said some beautiful words and it was lovely.

Amelia C & Co - A+++

This is really silly but I initially chose Amelia because I liked their website. After inquiring back in Jan last year, I got side tracked and only secured a make up artist early this year. From the beginning Rob was responsive via email. I had some concerns about my skin colour and length of my hair and he flagged those concerns with Amelia before confirming what I wanted could be done. I had a trial two days before. Rob emailed me and texted to confirm my room number and Amelia was on time and ready to go! I 100% recommend a trial especially for girls who don't wear make up often. I was a bit uncomfortable with the density of the eyes during the trial but after wearing it for an hour or two and getting used to it, I really liked it. Amelia told me I would.

On the day, she came on time and started on my MOH. My MOH LOVED her hair and make up. I was so sick from partying and drinking that I was coughing and spluttering everywhere. Amelia was so sweet, she advised me to order lemon tea and honey, and it was so soothing on my throat. She was able to give me a beautiful face even though I made it really tough for her by coughing so much my eyes watered! I had alot of family dropping by my suite when we were getting ready, and Amelia was so patient and didn't mind the kiddies staring at her while she worked.

When placing the veil, we had a bit of an issue. She didn't realise how heavy my veil was - neither did I because I didn't know what a usual veil felt like. Amelia placed it and guaranteed it would be fine for a few hours. True to her word, it was fine for the ceremony and photos and just as before the ceremony, the veil fell out. It was perfect timing!!

Kristie Smith - Ceremony Harpist - A+++

I found Kristie on Gigmasters
and she was very responsive straight from the beginning. We spoke about
her attire, and the music list and she had some nice suggestions. She
arrived and set on up time, and her
music was so beautiful. I could hear her playing when I was in the
bridal salon. She was superb. People were a bit blown away that we had a
harpist. It was something that no one has had at any of our Australian
weddings, and it really added elegance to the
ceremony. She was expensive for only 60mins, but it really was
beautiful. Well worth the money.


Wynn Hotel - Accommodation - A

in was a bit of a letdown, we waited in line for about 30mins before
being able to check in, but that is to be expected anywhere in Vegas I


is expensive, but you get what you pay for. We stayed for 1 week in the
King Resort and it was luxury. The robes were so soft it felt like it
was made of clouds. Room service was fantastic - we ended up ordering
the same thing 4 days
in a row. The small luxurious amenities were Molton Brown and so great, I ended up pocketing a few lotions.


also booked a Salon Suite for the day of/day after the wedding. It was
insane luxury. $750 per night but totally worth it. The amenities
extended to exfoliators, collar clips, shoe wax and all the little
things that I appreciate. We
had our whole family in there the night before just chilling out and
drinking, but you could easily fit 40-50 people in and have an in-suite
ceremony or
afterparty. I can send pics if you are thinking about this place for



LaTache Ballroom, Wynn Hotel - A+++++++++++++++++

Catering: Suzanne Gruchy

Time: 5pm-10pm // 51 people

was just as amazing as the girls from the Salons, probably even better.
She never got annoyed at all my questions, helped fit things to budget
and was there the whole reception. When my dress zip broke, she was even
in the bathroom
with me trying to help my girls fix it. She found some thread and a
needle for us, and said she would get anything else we needed.

ballroom looked spectacular. We did go overboard on a few things, like
getting lounge chairs for the kids and a fondue that no one used, but we
genuinely thought everyone would be tired and use the lounges and eat
the chocolate fondue.
We forgot that everyone was too busy having free shots and scotch and
having an amazing time!!

chose chicken from the menu, and everyone loved the food which is good as didn't do any taste tests or anything. The wedding
cake was amazing. The artwork on it was ridiculous and it tasted out of
this world. I was disappointed that we ate it all at the reception. I would post a picture of the ballroom except the damn photographer didn't get a photograph of the reception all done up, which I am super pissed about.


Wynn Decor - Lighting + table settings - A +

We paid extra for gel lighting and a custom gobo fixture. 
The lighting and gobo was friggin
awesome. Suzanne advised on what was best for the room and we went with
her suggestions. She really knew what she was talking about. The pink
gel lighting set the tone. Suzanne even knew when
to let the curtains open for natural lighting, and then close when dusk
set it. Seriously, awesome. She was GREAT. When customising the gobo
fixture, I was contacted directly by the AV guys at the Wynn, and we
sorted the design/pricing in two emails. It was
easy for me as I designed the graphic.



At the Wynn, all floral is to be provided by the Wynn (along with all edible items - so you cannot have candy
favors). When selecting a centerpiece, we learned that anything that is floral costs an arm and a
leg. Floral costing and pricing is done by the wedding salons but they
work closely with catering. We ended up getting a setting of
floating candles, and a few petals which was the cheapest option but
they looked very expensive when the lights were dimmed. Anything floral
brings the price up dramatically... chat to your coordinator and they
will help fit into budget.


When I returned home, Suzanne had sent us a beautiful customised stationary set with our names on it, and ‘Mr & Mrs
Naidoo’ – it was such a nice surprise.


Photography + Videography - Cashman via Wynn Photo Services - C

was the biggest stress for us. I have a graphic design background and I
am very picky with images and composition. From the very beginning I
drilled the wedding salons about Cashman as the reviews are terrible.
Darlene was very understanding
and I was able to negotiate a package of video and photography that
included copyrights, DVDs and all photos too. 
When asking all these questions, the Wedding Salons were so good and helpful and completely understood my concerns.


got to meet the Cashman photographer the day before when I dropped my
dress at the Salons. She happened to be there at the time I
visited and happily came in and
introduced herself. She was SO NICE and friendly and we had no
hesitation after we met her. Her name was Emily. ON the day, the Cashman
traditional video guy was cool, but the we didn’t really see/speak
much to the cinematic guys - they seemed a bit snobby.


I had negotiated with the Wynn Photo Services to get the raw footage and
photos the day after on a hard drive (which I paid extra for - you will
not believe how much that was!), and when I got home I looked at the
images. The ceremony photos
were nice, but I was so upset with the quality of the reception photos.
We had dimmed lighting, candles, pink
uplights and a gobo. The
professional reception photos make the reception look as though all the
lights were on and does not capture the mood. You can judge for yourself
here (as I said I am really
really picky with photography): 


I was also very very
very disappointed with the cinematic video link they sent me. IT
WAS TERRIBLE. I don’t even want to post it, it is so bad. The
composition, white balance, colour and sequence was terrible. I have a
meeting with the Wynn Wedding Director on Thursday to
talk about this and come up with some kind of a solution. It was very
expensive and it definitely did not meet my expectations. I feel
absolutely terrible giving the Wynn Photo Services this bad review but
it had to be done. Everything else the Wynn provided
up was on point and perfect, except for this.


will let you all know the outcome of my meeting with the Wynn Director.
They have said they'd give me an online link for the photos. I chased
it up twice, and I’ve only just received it.


DJ & Music - A

We had to use DJ MIke
Fox for entertainment due to Wynn restrictions. We were so nervous
about him as we are a young crowd, and he is an older DJ. We had a phone
call with him a few weeks before and he was a
very good speaker, and very lively. We listed about 300 songs and
identified them as 'party pump', 'closing', and 'cocktail reception' 
so he knew what to play when. During the reception he also did a
cool little air guitar comp for the kids and played some funny sounds
during the speeches.
 There were about 3 songs that was played that wasn't on the list... and I hated them, so that was my only disappointment.


Hello! Las Vegas - A

Contact: Jennifer Cheung

used this vendor for chair linen, lounge chairs and drapery. At first I
was not impressed as she took days to get back to me, but once I
mentioned this delay to Suzanne (Wynn), Jennifer came back to all my
questions straight away. We
used Hello! on the recommendation of Suzanne, and the decor looked
amazing. The drapery set a very classy and glamorous mood. I was blown
away by how it all looked. They are expensive. If you can find a cheaper
supplier go with this - I couldn't and Suzanne told me they were the cheapest that the Wynn used.


Shutterbooth - B

Initially, correspondence with Shutterbooth
reps was great. We got a custom background which I designed and it all
went smoothly. It was pricey but totally worth it. On the day, the
Shutterbooth looked good except the
attendant wasn't very fun as advertised. I wasn't aware on the night
but apparently he got annoyed at the kids because they kept on posing
over and over again. If I knew that on the night I would
have had a chat to him because I that is what the booth was there for -
to entertain the kids. I was only told that he was getting annoyed the
day after. Anyway, it ended up good. The spotlight was a harsh circle,
not an even flood, and the attendant should
have told the guests to stand forward so the spotlight didn't shine a
circle into the backdrop.


Post wedding, I received a dropbox link with high res photos, and also a link for low res photos to be uploaded to the site by the end of the week. The high res
dropbox worked out well, but I had to chase them for the low res upload to
Shutteryou. We only had 83 strips so I think our guests were having too much fun on the dancefloor and forgot about the booth! http://gregnsteph.com/shutterbooth-gallery-2/


The Knot Shop - Custom favors - Deck of cards - B-

was one of the only places I could find custom playing cards, apart
from China! They turned out really good but I had two issues.

1. They don't post internationally, and the AU version of the Knot Shop
is terrible. I had to get them posted to a friend who lives in Texas.  

2. It took ages for them to send the cards out. I had to post on this forum to get any response from them.

Pricing was reasonable for the quality of the cards. Everyone loved the gifts too.

Happy to post pics of individual components (ie. Primrose, Wynn Halls, Salon Suite) if you need, but I'll leave you with a my favorite pictures from Cashman (note: I have adjusted the contrast).




Re: Married! Reviews & Pic (Wynn, Amelia, Cashman etc...)

  • JixxtJixxt member
    100 Comments Second Anniversary 25 Love Its Name Dropper
    Sorry guys... I don't know why the post formatted funny
  • STUNNING dress! I LOVE that designer :) 
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  • trm358trm358 member
    100 Comments 25 Love Its First Anniversary First Answer
    What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations!!!!
  • Looks like everyone was having an awesome time, and you and your husband are a gorgeous couple!

    Thanks for the GREAT detailed reviews! And don't feel bad about giving a bad review for bad service. You paid them good money, they should provide at least competent service. If they don't want people talking about them doing a bad job, then they shouldn't do a bad job.
  • sasalewsasalew member
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    Thanks so much for the reviews @Jixxt - you're right, there's not a lot of Wynn information around so I really appreciate all the detail! Everything looks gorgeous, so glad I've chosen Primrose Court too! Do you mind if I ask how much was all your floral for the ceremony? I just got a price for an upgraded bouquet and one mantle arrangement and it's CRAZY expensive, even more than I expected. So sorry the video didn't work out great, hope you get the issue resolved somehow with Wynn. We have asked them to remove the videography from our package since we didn't really want it anyway, and your review has convinced me that it's totally the right choice.
  • edited May 2015
    Love the pics thanks!
  • JixxtJixxt member
    100 Comments Second Anniversary 25 Love Its Name Dropper
    @sasalew You cannot go wrong with The Wynn. We spent a bit on floral but would do it again as it looked amazing... all up for the ceremony floral ended up being about $1500, including aisle runner, petals, pew arrangements, flower girl basket and petals, groomsmen boutonnieres, and extra bouquet for MOH. There was obviously cheaper options, so let your coordinator know your budget and they'll def. help you out. The Wedding Salons take care of your reception floral and centerpieces too! 
  • You looked amazing and I loved your dress! 

    You are right about the reception photos, although you look like you guys had a great time, it looks like it was in the day. She should have lowered her flash and she should have been bouncing her up or put a diffuser on it.  
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  • xoedenxoeden member
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    That ceremony price is actually extremely affordable if you got that all for only 1.5k!
  • JixxtJixxt member
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    @xoeden $1500 was for floral only. It was on top of the ceremony price and the extra cost for Primrose Court.
  • xoedenxoeden member
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    @jixxt, still, that's a good price!
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