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Where are the Halloween Brides!?

Hello there!  My name is Brink and my FH John and I are getting married on Halloween this year.  I love meeting other Halloween brides and finding out how they're incorporating the holiday into their plans.

So, if you're getting married on Halloween answer me these questions three:

1. Why did you and your FH choose Halloween as the big day?
2. What is your overall wedding theme?
3. How are you incorporating Halloween into your wedding?

I will happily go first and get the ball rolling:

We chose Halloween as our wedding date based on my FH's love for the movie The Crow with Brandon Lee.  If you haven't seen this film I advise you to check it out.  I won't spoil it here but the couple in the movie is set to get married on Halloween and then something very tragic happens to them the night before the wedding.  It also helped that Halloween this year happens to fall on a Saturday!

Our overall wedding theme is Horror Movies.  My FH has the biggest collection of horror movies I've ever seen in my life and will give any sort of horror movie a shot whether it's something released mainstream like The Conjuring or a D-list independent movie with a $500 budget shot with an iPhone.  We have seen some really awesome and really terrible things.  I'm not as huge of a fan but I still enjoy the genre unless it involves children or clowns ... those two things I cannot handle!

We're infusing our theme into every single aspect of our day.  Our invitations have a black and white broken down farmhouse on the front and a photo of us as a zombie bride and groom on the back with the quote "A love this deep won't stay buried.  We, the bridal party, and all our guests will be in costume.  FH is coming as Freddy Krueger and has already ordered his replica glove of knives.  I'm dressing as Anne Boleyn and having a custom made red and leopard print gown made.  The pre-ceremony music is a mix of instrumental themes from horror movies.  Our recessional is to Toccata n Fugue.  Our reception tables will all be themed after a different horror movie and the centerpieces will include props from the movies.  Our place cards are tombstones that guests will pick out of a mini cemetery.  We're just going all out and having a tremendous amount of fun!

Can't wait to meet other Halloween brides and hear your ideas.  :)
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