Outdoor Wedding Venue in MN (cheap)?

Hi all - I'm hoping to plan for a summer or fall 2016 wedding, but it seems like a lot of outdoor venues in MN are pretty expensive. I'd like it to be rustic and a relaxed atmosphere (fire pit, lawn games, etc). Does anyone have any suggestions for a rustic-type, outdoor venue in MN that won't break the bank? Thanks for your thoughts!

Re: Outdoor Wedding Venue in MN (cheap)?

  • State parks...  Many have pavilions.. 

    Hope Glen Farm outside of Cottage Grove.  There are other farms which rent out for weddings (many Apple Orchards do this across the state)...  Some of the ski areas and golf courses around the state also fit this bill. 

    It's a lot easier to give suggestions if you can post the specific area you're interested in.  For example, if your up in Tofte it wouldn't be useful for you to have recommendations of venues near Rochester or MSP depending on where you're hoping to be.  Also, the number of guests you're anticipating also makes a difference.  Recommendations for venues for 50 people vs. 400 people are going to be vastly different.

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