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Mother in law issues again...

At this point I don't know what to do. I've always been under the impression she is a sweet lovely lady of God, and while she may be to your face, who knows what is going on in her head. SO long story short, we chose a date in May of next year but she threw a huge drama production because it was too close to her younger son's geaduation and it would have been too much for her to plan a wedding and graduation party. Also her reasoning was that the events were too close and each needed their own light to shine. And also she said with them being that close (2week apart) that no one would come down for his graduation. (Which sure all 150 of our guests are coming to his party alright...) It was a super convenient date for us, and we finally decided (after she made my fiancé, a grown man, cry because of how crappy she guilt tripped him). So we changed our date to April of next year.. Now she's saying she's going to make the graduation party right next to our wedding date (BEFORE HE GRADUATES) so they can attend his graduation party. I'm lost, am I missing something here? Why is she doing this? It seems to be all about her younger son because once we announced our April date she said it would be messed up if it were on his prom date.... Anyways the younger son doesn't care and is just stuck in between this so I'm making sure he's not involved but do I approach her? She didn't directly tell me she's making the party next to our wedding she repeatedly told my fiancé this past week.

Re: Mother in law issues again...

  • Hi -She seems like a right cow...so sorry...

    Sit your hubby down & let him know this is important to you & that you want to address it with her with his support, if he loves you he will.

    Is she paying for the wedding, personally if she is not paying for the wedding & if no date conflict for most of your immediate guest, then oh well!

    When it's your day & you start pleasing others it becomes a headache...

    p.s i would confront her & tell her im sticking to the original date, if such a problem for her then if i were you i would look into finding someone else to help with the wedding & im sure she would change her tune....if i were you id be thinking i would not want her anywhere near my wedding planning because i am sure there is more drama with her (food for thought) if she is this over bearing with the date do you really think she won't be with the other aspects on YOUR wedding?

    Best of luck :)
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