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Gift for my mom

Wedding is a month away, and almost all the planning is done, but I am having trouble finding the perfect gift for my mom for the wedding. Money is really tight so I can't spend a ton (goal is $50) - plus I had to borrow money from her to pay for the wedding so I'd feel like I'm spending her own money to buy her present.

Online I keep finding very similar ideas - picture frames, but she has a bunch of unused picture frames already; jewelry, but she and I have a jewelry making business for a hobby (I already made her and the entire bridal party necklaces); personalized items, but I worked at Things Remembered for a year and her best friend sells those personalized tote bags, so we have enough personalized stuff for the rest of our lives; and vases, but we're both travelling from out of state for the wedding and don't want to deal with something big and breakable in the luggage. 

Any other ideas? She and I live far apart, so it needs to be something I can give her at the wedding. Thanks!

Re: Gift for my mom

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    I will speak from a mom's perspective. The last thing I want my kids to do is spend money on me, especially if their finances are already tight. I do appreciate the gift of time, and spending it with them. I absolutely treasure the sincere and heartfelt cards and notes received from my kids after their weddings.

    Since you live far apart, do you have the opportunity to schedule some mom and daughter time just prior to the wedding? I would suggest "gifting" that and a card filled with heartfelt words. Priceless.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    Ditto MobKaz.  If you write her a heartfelt note, I guarantee that will mean more to her than a $50 gift card to a restaurant, or a picture frame.  

  • I am not planning to give my mom a gift at my upcoming wedding. I did, however, as MobKaz suggested schedule a time where we could both go together to get a manicure/pedicure before the wedding along with my younger sister, who is my MOH. I know the time we spend together is extremely valuable and important to her so I think she will enjoy that.

    I also found a really pretty card on Etsy that I will be giving her with a heartfelt note written inside. I posted the link below for the one I am using. I figure a $4 card with a very thankful note inside and time spent together before the wedding would mean the most to her. 

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  • We're planning to give our parents wedding albums that we will be creating on shutterfly. So as a wedding gift, they are getting a card and probably a little note saying they will be receiving it after the wedding. Both sets of parents are generously contributing to the wedding so we didn't want to get them gift cards or anything like that.
  • My parents generously paid for the majority of our wedding and I did not get them gifts on the occasion.  But afterward, I put together a photo album from snapfish that they were totally surprised by and really really love!!!  
  • I'm not a mother so I can't speak from a mother's point of view but my mom always says that a "thank you, I love you" goes a lot farther than any gift ever could. Also the gift of your time will likely mean the most.
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  • heartfelt note is totally fine and will be very much appreciated!

    We did digital photo books for our moms after the wedding when we got the wedding pictures.  So down the road you can always do something like that if you would like.

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