Suggestions/Vendor recommendations requested for winter wedding at Cairnwood

Hello everyone!

I'm throwing a reception in February at Cairnwood. Anyone here used this venue in the winter? I could use some suggestions/tips. Do they charge extra to light up their fireplaces?

A concern I have is the photography. While the place is absolutely gorgeous and the exterior is amazing, I am worried about having everyone outside for pictures in the cold, especially if there's snow on the ground. Anyone have experience with this? I am thinking that we can use long dresses for the ladies, so that they can wear snow boots etc that won't be as conspicuous, but other than that but other than that, I'm out of ideas!

Finally, if you have used this place before, I would love to hear about any vendors that were especially good and budget-friendly! Any recommendations for a cheap but good documentary-style photographer would be super appreciated.

Thank you all so much!

Re: Suggestions/Vendor recommendations requested for winter wedding at Cairnwood

  • My florist is very budget friendly and I know she's worked at Cairnwood.  She's so nice I'm sure she'll help you answer your questions.  Leslie has been recommended by a lot of people on this board.  Also, Ron Dlutz is a lot less money than other photographers we contacted and his work is beautiful .
  • Great, thank you!
  • Sorry to reply to your question with a question, but can I ask where you're having your ceremony? I'm obsessed with Cairnwood but when I visited they told me you can't do the ceremony onsite which I think is a dealbreaker for me. I wasn't planning on having a church wedding so just curious if you're getting married nearby?
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