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Hey ladies! 3 MONTHS OMG!!!

I have my invites ordered and should receive them in about 2-3 weeks. My goal is to have them sent out by June 8th for our August 8th wedding.

I need to schedule alterations appointments. Bridesmaids dresses should arrive end of June. I need to have final meetings with all my vendors, order favors, order rehearsal dinner invites, I already have bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts but need to figure out what to do for our parents.

We also need to get our passports!.. and I need shoes and accessories! 

I have my hair trial this Saturday and my makeup trial next weekend.

I'm getting really excited, we had a very long engagement so I can't believe it's finally almost here. Trying to be good with my diet and hitting the gym 5 days a week.

Where is everybody else at?


  • 3 Months and 1 week :) Time really goes by quick!! I thought I would be on top of things so less stress closer to the wedding. That went out the window!! It's difficult to get the motivation to do things when you come home late every night. I'm having a 3 day wedding with me and my brother doing most of the work (I'm too OCD about this stuff to have my bridesmaids help).

    Anyways I have the same things as you left too. Any thoughts about what shoes? I REALLY want the Kate Spade and Badgley Mischka shoes but I just can't decide. I want them all haha. 

    I have all the little things left to do - buy gifts, decorate the wedding card box, wrap 250 favors, make 350 wedding programs, decide hair/makeup looks, make signs, music lists, etc. Now that it's in writing seems like a really long list.
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    I have tried on literally every pair of Badgley Mischka shoes and none of them fit me right! I've ordered 5 pairs online and had to return them, and I've tried on several at Macys and Nordstroms. I've also tried on the Kate Spade shoes and they didn't work right for me either! If they fit your feet I will be super jealous. I wear heels all the time but for some reason the spot the arch hit at with those two brands just killed me. 

    After shopping for a sash and shoes for hours yesterday and today, I finally settled for a pair of Glint shoes at Nordstroms. They aren't bridal but whatever, I'm over it, I needed to decide on something so I can get alterations done. I know that nobody will remember my shoes but I am a freak about my outfits coordinating just so.

    I'm curious to hear what shoes you end up with!
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    Omg I had the worst time buying shoes. FI is just 2 inches taller than me and he didn't want me towering over him, so I need a 1.5 inch heel. It was not easy to find any cute and comfortable in the shoe. I ultimately decided on a gold Mary Jane attached. I may need to get sole mates as my ceremony is outside and I don't want to sink in to the ground. My first fitting is Saturday. Soooo nervous. I hope I still love my dress!!
  • Waiting on the RSVPs to come in, dress need altered again, and still trying to figure out the little things; how to set the favors, the hair style, the flower girl basket. There are so many little things, but they come and they go.

    I bought glitter heals on ebay (nine west), extra flower for hair (instead of veil), and still playing with earrings. My dress is "so much" that I don't think I need a lot of jewelry to add to the look. I actually just bought some cute Kate Spade ones from her website. If you sign up for email, they send you info on flash sales. So, I also bought a purse and other things while on the site.  I think it's all coming together.

    Has anyone ran into the family discussions about their wants and requests, but haven't offered to assist with planning? Sometimes I feel like I'm so lost because I essentially planned this whole wedding by myself. It's just overwhelming. The groom is the easy part.


  • We're getting married on August 7! We finally sent the formal invites about a week ago and are in the RSVP realm---I'm expecting people to fly in from the Philippines where I am originally from so we had to send the formal invites out earlier than we should. 

    I've already made the final bookings for meetings etc., and I wake up every day thinking and worrying that I could be missing something! Best of luck to us August brides! :) 
  • We are August 15, and are just waiting on envelopes so we can send our invites.  I keep worrying that vendors won't show up the day of because we booked them so long ago, and am starting to have weird wedding dreams.  Night before last, I had a dream that my dress came in and it was suddenly a two-piece and blue, with crazy boning in a corset.  

    We still need to buy alcohol, I think we're going to go through BevMo.  I'm so worried about running out!  
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