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    @clogreeneyes what happened with M? I may have missed something.

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    @lavenderfields13, I feel the same way about shopping. I wish I had recommendations, but I haven't bought new clothes in a while. I will say that Kohl's juniors section has the ONLY jeans I've ever found that fit me well, so there is no shame in shopping in juniors, lol.

    Haha, my post about M was like half a line, so I'm not surprised you missed it. :) Yeah, we're done. He could be very generous and was fun to hang ou with, but over time his actions when we weren't physically together showed that he has a lot of growing up to do. He would make these selfish decisions (e.g., going on vacation with another girl instead of helping me move after originally saying he would, and not even having the courtesy to mention he was seeing somebody else), and then not tell me at first because "I would react badly." I thought that was pretty disrespectful and shady, and got sick of that type of thing really quickly. I don't need that in my life.

    He keeps texting me asking if we can talk things through because he "doesn't want this lingering over our friendship."


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    @lavenderfields13 haha I feel that way with shopping alllllll the time.  My wardrobe is mostly professional clothes for work and then workout clothes.  I suggest checking out Kohls, Ann Taylor Loft, or Macys for fun clothes; avoid the junior section, you are now a lady and should go in the misses section (haha I just laughed at myself for even saying that).  You could check rent the runway and see if they have anything you like to rent.  Also, good idea on a nice top and jeans in case you don't want to wear a dress. 

    @alpacina oh my gosh, puppies that cannot handle walking with their giant paws are the cutest!! And that whiskey festival sounds awesome!

    @clogreeneyes good luck on your date! 
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    @jenjen047, happy belated birthday! Sounds like everything was perfect and keeps getting better!
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    @clogreeneyes - thank you! GL on your date, cant wait to hear about it!
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    @lavenderfields13 I hear you on not knowing wear to shop anymore! I actually bought a crop top for my bachelorette because it seemed young, single and scandalous to me....apparently that makes me old! I seem to shop mostly at h&m, target and loft (when they have 40% off). 

    I'm so excited that today is Friday!!! It's been a long week! The weather has finally turned into spring and the kids are starting to become annoying (typical). Tonight is the school dance, so I'll come back for an hour or two of that. I'm basically only going home to check my mailbox for RSVPs. Tomorrow I have errands and I'll finally sit down to make table numbers for the wedding. 

    Sunday is mother's day and we will spend it at FI's cousin's house. We plan on going out to eat with my mom next week. Fun fact, FI has never met my mom. So, he'll hopefully meet her next week. My mom is super flaky so that's why she hasn't cared to meet FI or regularly call or spend time with me. We do not have a typical mom/daughter relationship. I'm hoping it isn't the most awkward dinner ever.
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    @Eilis1228 If you need help planning or have questions about places feel free to PM me. I'm curious what your late night was because I had a few late ones and they were some of the best. I know many girls here don't like to talk Disney 

    @SouthernPeach89 AHHHHH!!! Yay for baby peach moving!!
    friends tv show funy
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    @CLogreeneyes a licensing exam for work, specifically the Series 24.


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    @Bethsmiles - I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Sending good vibes your way.
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    @jenjen047 glad you had a great birthday!

    @clogreeneyes, good luck on your date! Glad you broke it off with M, he does not sound like a winner. 

    @speakeasy14 LOL I certaintly don't feel like a lady most of the time. Browsing through the juniors section is just a constant reminder that I am not a size 0 anymore. The clothes are all SO TINY!
    And everything is crop top and see through! I also don't want to look like an old lady. 
    Everyone talks about Loft. I need to actually check it out. Seems pricey but one of my friends said they have sales all the time and that's when she stocks up. 
    I just remembered I still have an H&M and Francesca's GC so I can use those tomorrow. 

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    I've been MIA all week because I have opened like every day and my BFF is coming to town tonight so I get to spend the weekend with her YAY!
    BF's brother turned 21 this week and he has NEVER had a drink in his life so me, the rest of the sibling's, and another brother's GF all had a great time making him a drink guinea pig.... turns out he hated everything except one... he's a strawberry daiquiri kinda guy lol and the rest of us just drank his rejects lol

    Other than that, nothing spectacular has happened. Work still sucks, I keep finding out shady shit my coworker is doing to spite me... like turning the heat all the way up when i'm working. Which... is really pointless because I haven't noticed anything and I can easily switch the AC back on anyway? Like really REALLY dumb immature crap. I told my boss I'm gonna call HR which she wants to avoid so she's gonna talk to him but considering he hates both of us I doubt he will listen. So whatever lol.

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    @jenjen047 Happy Belated Birthday! You share a birthday with my FI! 

    @southernpeach89 aww I'm glad baby peach moved! I'm smiling just thinking about how happy you must be :)

    @swazzle yay for seeing your puppy! Sorry about the weather not being great though. 

    @CloGreenEyes ugh M does not sound like a keeper at all. Of course you would be upset at him for breaking a promise to go have fun with a different girl instead; I don't know many who wouldn't be! I hope your first date with the new guy goes well! And banana bread-YUM!

    @bethsmiles I'm sorry about your mom. Sending thoughts and prayers and hugs. I know how difficult it is; my father probably will never recover from the nerve damage done last fall during his surgery. He actually just applied for permanent disability. I know that's not extremely helpful but I just wanted you to know that I completely understand and if you ever need to talk let me know. 

    @beanbot2002 I'm tearing up from your post too. 

    @AlPacina oooo WhiskeyTown sounds fun! 

    @GoldenPenguin ONE WEEK! omg! Please find some time to pamper yourself too though in all the wedding prep craziness! 

    So, this week has been very busy at work, but I impressed my manager, a director of another team that I work closely with, and some senior engineers. FI has been filling in for his manager and working closely with his hilarious director as a result, and we had a meeting together on Wednesday that I walked by him and his director on my way to it. FI introduced me to his director, and the first thing out of the director's mouth was "WOW!". I guess he had never seen a pretty blonde engineer before. So that also made me feel like a million bucks. 

    You guys know what happened with FMIL yesterday, so I won't go into that. But FI and I had to work late last night, so we are going out to dinner hopefully tonight to celebrate his birthday. Also, it rained and stormed here last night. A loud rumble of thunder woke both of us up in the middle of the night, and FI thought one of the nearby Navy ships exploded or something; THAT's how rare thunder is here! It took me a minute to register that it was thunder, and I only realized it after I noticed that it was also down pouring. 

    It was still raining this morning and traffic was awful, but we made it in to work. Today is a pretty slow day and we don't have many plans for our weekend as we need to start packing since we only have this weekend and next weekend before we move to the townhouse!  

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    @aurorarose41 - i saw that when you posted in your other thread! happy birthday to us!
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    @alpacina I love that you said that you brought your dog to his girlfriend's 
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    Thanks for all your support and kind words about my mom! I really appreciate it, especially because my mom isn't really telling people so I can't tell anyone in real life - other than BF. She hasn't even told my brother yet because she doesn't want to tell him while he's in the middle of finals. It honestly helped me so much today just to be able to tell someone.

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    @alpacina I love that you said that you brought your dog to his girlfriend's 

    @speakeasy14 - That is the best explanation I have! They are all over each others necks when they play, when they get super tired they basically just lay on the ground to continue playing and end up in some pretty suggestive positions, and then that other day they even ended up spooning in the shade! Plus, he never tries to hump her. She means more to him than that.... ;)

    @bethsmiles - We are here for you 100%. Any time you need to talk, lady, we're here.

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    Swazzle said:

    I'm so glad it's Friday.  I had a good update at the doctor this morning which helps.  So the day is starting off pretty well.  My allergies aren't too bad today either.  No plans for tonight really just relaxing a bit studying and getting some stuff done around the house.  Tomorrow is my niece's communion, then off to a late lunch early dinner.  Not much else planned for Saturday.  Sunday I need to get some studying done and hopefully H gets some stuff done around the house. 


    Is there............... anything you wanna tell us?
    @swazzle I swear I just saw this now, while avoiding work the last part of my day.  My liver looks good no major issues!


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