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Newbie & Wedding Dress

Hello my fellow May '16 brides,

Anyone stressing/nervous over buying a wedding gown like me? Not used to picking out my outfit so far in advance. Lol! 

Also, I wanted to get involved with this group since I just stumbled upon it. 

Enjoy your weekends! 

Re: Newbie & Wedding Dress

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    Hi!!!!!! I know a few of the girls on this board just started looking. We've done a three year engagement so I bought my dress about 1yr and 1/2 ago.  It was pure luck on a whim shopping trip with my parents and sister.  Still love my dress every time I see it at my Nana's house.  

    I was really nervous when I went shopping because I'm normally a jeans and t-shirt girl, and the idea of a wedding dress was completely new to me.  Just go with a group who you know will be honest and there for your best interest.  Also if you need to time to sleep on a dress or something, then don't let the shops pressure you.  They're in the business of making money.  

    I'm glad you found the boards.  I know we're all getting close the the One Year marks and are getting pretty excited, but it's also kind of a slow board.  Feel free to check out some of the other boards, if you haven't already!!  I normally hangout on Chit Chat, and so do some other regulars, including some who got married in the last year or so. They're all great for advice.  Just make sure you lurk first.  It'll help you really gauge the group. 

    COngratualtions on your engagement, and Happy Planning!


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  • Welcome @AnnaEllen!  Where are you from and what's your wedding date?

    I just went dress shopping for the first time this past weekend.  I was a little nervous too and didn't want to allow myself to get too excited and then be disappointed if I didn't like anything or if I struggled to find what I wanted in my budget. was so much fun!  I had a small group, just me, my mom and one of my best friends who will be a BM.  I also did quite a bit of research to get an idea what I liked and what designers were going to fall in by budget.  That being said, I still tried on some styles that were outside my comfort zone so I would be certain I knew what I liked and what I didn't.  I had no intention of buying a gown that day so I left with two favorites in mind and will probably do another trip on 3-4 weeks and try on those two again and maybe a couple more just in case.  

    Do you know what styles you might be interested in? 
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  • Haven't dress shopped yet because my mom's been sick and I keep telling myself when I'm in better shape. I think the dress shopping is going to be the motivation!! :D
  • I was really stressed out about it. I'm generally a pretty high strung person, so this was pretty tough. The best thing I did was to take the advice of all the shows and not take all my girls with me, even though I love them and they're all supportive. It would have made it more overwhelming.Very first store I went with my mom & FMIL. "The Dress" was the 3rd one I tried on, but they and others told me it was too soon and to shop some more. I went to a couple other places with my mom, but knew it was the one- I made an appointment to go back and told my dad he should come (then they knew I was serious lol). 

    I did not expect to be one of those people who "just knew" and even though I did know, I am making lots of customizations to the dress, and I'm equally confident, which is not like me at all. Normally that would stress me out, but I know it's going to be perfect. I didn't cry, but I looked in the mirror and felt beautiful, and that's what I wanted. 

    TL;DR: take 1 or 2 people that are most important to you and trust your gut!
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