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A little help with the...girls LOL

I just made my first fitting appointment, and although it's in a couple of months, I want to get started on getting my undergarments. I'm not flat-chested, but I'm not a DD either, and I'd really like the girls to look good on the day of. Any suggestions? Should I get cups sewn in? Are there cups that push up like a bra? Other ideas? Help me!

Re: A little help with the...girls LOL

  • Beautiful dress! I have no advice on "the girls" since no amount of anything could push up the skin across my chest, but you do look stunning so I'm sure whatever you decide to do will look great! My best friend had the cups sewn in and loved it since she didn't have to worry about something else under and it did give a little push up.

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  • You look great as is but talk to some alteration experts and get their advice first.
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  • Very pretty dress! 

    The top of my dress is similar to yours so I had cups sewn into the dress so I didn't have to worry about anything. The seamstress asked me if I wanted normal cups (similar to slightly padded bra) or double lift cups (think VS push up bra). I'm already a D cup, so I went with the regular cups. You might be able to ask them about options like that. 

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    I went with cups sewn in and glad.  I hate dealing with strapless bras.  The seamstress gave me regular and push ups to try...but i'm plenty big that I def didn't need the push ups..but they def work if you're looking for a push up sewn in cup. 
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