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Torn Between Mermaid and Ball Gown/A-Line

When I would think about how I would look on my wedding day,
I always imagined a full and airy tulle skirt, not only because I think they
are romantic and special, but also because I have large hips and I thought a full
skirt would hide that. I went to Alfred Angelo to try on dresses, and although
I did love the full skirt of the A-line/ball gown, I was surprised to fall in
love with the mermaid silhouette.

Now I've been thinking, do you think it would be possible to get a mermaid
dress, and have a seamstress make a detachable tulle skirt?

My thought is to wear the tulle skirt for the ceremony and to take it off for
the reception.

Has anyone ever done or seen anything like this? Also any idea where I could
get the tulle skirt made?

My dress budget isn't massive and I definitely don't want to get into a custom
order from one of the large bridal stores.

I am in the Orlando area if anyone knows of any specific places where I could
get a skirt made.

I attached photos of myself in two of the dresses that I liked the most.

Any input, advice, and guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!


Re: Torn Between Mermaid and Ball Gown/A-Line

  • I was planning on doing something similar because my wedding is in August and I live in the south (hot). I think it's a great idea. It's kind of like the best of both worlds. I say go for it!
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  • kvrunskvruns member
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    I like the fuller one on you the best personally. I would be afraid an extra skirt over the 1st one might not flow right since it already has a tulle skirt but definitely contact a seamstress before make any decisions. Or see if AA has any options like that (or other salons nearby). They definitely exist.
  • What you're suggesting is certainly feasible, and just about any seamstress could whip one up for you. Personally, I think it sounds like a lot of hassle and I would suggest choosing one or the other and owning it. (FWIW I had the same experience; I thought mermaids were for skinny girls until I tried one on. I still love ball gowns, but I love mermaids about half a hair more, so I bought one.)
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  • Oooh I like them both! haha hard choice.
    If you really feel the need to have a full gown for the ceremony, you can easily make, or buy a skirt to go over the mermaid gown. Oleg Cassini actually makes alot of his gown with detachable skirts. He designs most of his gowns with the modern bride in mind, yeah we're a bit more "risque" than a few years ago, but also keeps the Catholic mass ceremony in mind (usually requiring a full-length gown), so he adds the detachable skirt. But enough fashion facts!
    If you prefer the mermaid gown, then go with that! But if you need a full length gown for the ceremony, then talk with a seamstress, or make your own. I've seen a few online too.
  • I like the 2nd picture of the A-Line, hands down.  I wouldn't even try and do a convertible dress, I think the A-Line flatters you much more.
  • esstee33esstee33 member
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    I wouldn't even bother with the hassle of a detachable skirt, because that 2nd one looks incredible on you! 
  • Another vote for the A-line.  Stunning on you!
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  • I also like the a-line better on you.

    I think a detachable skirt could potentially work, but I think it will be difficult to get something like that to look right with the mermaid you chose because it already has a really full bottom.

    Have you looked at any dresses with a drop waist? Many of those that I saw are fitted to just under the hip bone and then have a looser/fuller skirt. That could be a happy medium between the mermaid and a-line without the hassle of having a detachable skirt made.
  • A-line... most definitely! The lines are so clean it looks absolutely gorgeous on you
  • I agree the A-line dress looks gorgeous on you! 

    They do make convertible dresses already that have the detachable skirts, so I'm sure a seamstress "could" do it, but I don't think you need to even hassle with that since the A line is the look you are going for and the dress looks awesome on you. And I'm, not too sure adding a skirt to the first dress would look good-- it already has the tulle bottom so I think an extra tulle skirt will look weird.  Hard to imagine it.

  • Thanks for all your input! I found a perfect ball gown and I feel amazing in it!!!
  • Thanks for all your input! I found a perfect ball gown and I feel amazing in it!!!
    Glad you found your dress! :)

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