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What 2000!

Holy crap!  Our engagement announcement has gotten over 2k views on the newspapers website.  Pretty crazy considering they originally wanted us to submit a different photo!

Has any else written their own announcement?

Re: What 2000!

  • Nice. Why did they want you to submit a different photo? Because your faces are covered? Out of curiousity. I wouldn't see what the big deal is with thay photo considering several other engagement photos I've seen.

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  • They asked for a different one because our faces were covered and they didn't feel it would fit in with the rest of the announcements on the page.  We told them that we understood if they didn't want to run it but we took that photo specifically for our announcement and any other photo just wouldn't have fit with the theme or the vibe so we didn't want to submit a different one.  Their solution was to run the photo but they stuck our announcement on the back page of the lifestyles section far away from any of the more traditional photos.  Ah well, we still love it and are actually using that photo on custom stamps for the invitations.
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