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We want to feature some Knotties -- please read!

Hi ladies!

We want to feature real embarrassing stories from weddings (it can be your wedding, or any wedding you've attended). What are the embarrassing things that happened to you at your wedding, or your friend at her wedding? Let's help new brides out by warning them of what may happen!

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Thanks so much in advance!


Re: We want to feature some Knotties -- please read!

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    My husband's friend from college got married in Chicago in 2008. During the vows, when the priest began the repeat-after-me part, he turned to the groom and began, "I, Phil...". Phil just looked back at the the priest and responded, "Hi!" not realizing he wasn't being greeted :) Everyone got a huge chuckle and the bride turned as red as the flowers she was carrying, but they look back on their video and laugh every time!
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    A few years ago... friends of mine were getting married... I think the pastor may have been either really new to the profession or really nervous.
    During the ceremony he brought up the current divorce rate in our state - I think it was around 65-70%... i was in shock... he tried to recover by saying that he didn't think they'd end up divorced, but I didn't think that was something that should be brought up during a WEDDING CEREMONY. He also forgot the "you may now kiss the bride" part... so after the vows and everything... he stopped talking and the rest of us just sat there... not sure if we should clap or wait or what. The bride and groom weren't even sure what to do... finally - after what seemed like an eternity - the groom just leaned in and kissed his bride and everything worked out. It was just awkward for a few moments.
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    I went to my friends wedding this August and at the reception they had an ice sculpture with their initials- except they were the wrong initials! Her initials were LK and his were JJ. The ice sculpture had LJK- which wasn't even in the proper order for the bride! Needless to say his mom was upset when she noticed it but the brides dad just shook his head and realized it was too late. Luckily it started to melt enough later that you couldn't read the initials.
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    At a wedding my FI and I attended in August, several things went awry: first as soon as the outdoor ceremony began, a huge windstorm hit and all of the guests and whole wedding party got covered in dirt and bugs, then as the bridesmaids walked down the aisle their very short flows skirts flew up and everyone got a good glimpse at the underneath. But finally when the bride came down with her father, he couldn't see because her veil was over both of their heads, they almost walked into the guest book table, but managed to make it up the aisle okay. Then during the outdoor reception the wind knocked over all the centerpieces and several cups. Finally the wind died and the couple was ready for their first dance, however the dj they had couldn't get their cd to play. So instead of playing their chosen first dance song (which was Ingrid michaelsons the way I am) he played when a man loves a woman. It was slightly awkward to see the brides reaction when the song came on, she looked less than okay with his random alternate choice.
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    I was in my friend's wedding a few years ago, and apparently someone tied the ring to the ring pillow a little too tight.  They literally could not get the knot out.  The best man and priest tried for several minutes before the priest left the cermony to go to the church office to get scissors.  When he came back with the scissors all the guests clapped. 
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    At the last wedding I went to, there was a streaker on the golf course. He was too far away to see any "details" but he dancing naked in the distance.
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    I was a guest at the wedding of one of FI's close friends.  The FG and RB were children of people in the WP, and apparently the RB did not want to be there that day, because you could hear him kicking and screaming in the hall when he was supposed to be walking down the aisle!  His mom (wife of one of the GMs) looked absolutely mortified when she finally did get him to walk.

    FI and I also went to the wedding of an old coworker of mine about a year and a half ago.  Apparently their pastor (?) was a deeply, deeply religious man, because he decided to spend most of the ceremony proselytizing the guests instead of talking about the couple.  Neither FI nor I are religious, and multiple times he made comments (although vague) about FI when he didn't bow his head during prayer.  Talk about AWKWARD.
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    went to a wedding of a friend of my daughters--as the guests walked into the reception all the centerpieces cracked apart--and soaked the tables--seems the glass wasn't tempered and couldn't 'take the heat' of the floating candles! Huge mess and we ended up cleaning it up because no one could find the manager of the venue and none of the waitstaff were willing to help clean it up! I guess you know what won't be on the table when my daughers get married!
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    I have two. At one wedding, the bride and groom arrived at the reception too drunk to stand, let alone have their first dance!

    The other wedding had a very long winded Catholic priest and a father of the bride who had worked a double shift (he drives truck and drove 18 hours before plunking himself in a pew). Mid-way through the sermon, the father of the bride interupted with very loud snoring and nobody could wake him up to get him to stop.
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    The officiant who married my husband and myself used my name correctly during the ceremony... up until the vows.  She turned to my husband and said:
    "Repeat after me....I take you Emily"

    pause for silence

    Hehem..."repeat after me....I take you Emily"

    Groom:  "Excuse me?"

    Officiant:  "repeat after me...I take you Emily"

    All 40 guests, my husband, and even myself said in unison  "Katie!!!!"

    Obviously Emily is not my name and she wasn't even close.  I'm just happy my husband didn't just "go with it" and blame it on nerves. Smart man!
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    At my cousin's wedding, they played a homemade CD for thier first dance. Only when they recorded it, they apparently hit record too soon, or something. So when the song played, their was a minute of my Uncle talking before the song actually played. The topic was NOT the most wedding friendly, let me tell you. Let the lesson be: if you make your own CD, listen to it before the wedding!
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    I went to a friends wedding over the summer. It was an outdoor wedding in the beginning of August, so it was extremely hot. The venue blew the main circut breaker and did not have a back up generator. Long story short the man who was to come out and repair it couldn't be there for an hour, so there were 100+ guests sweating to death in the summer heat. When the problem finally was fixed the ceremony was 2 hours late starting. To make matters worse the owner of the venue never once apologized to the Bride, Groom , or the guests.
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    Well my best friend’s wedding was 6 months ago and I was the maid of honor. I do not have any funny stories about the wedding itself. I do however, have something that in hind sight was kinda funny about the week leading up to the wedding itself. I was pregnant and due a week and a half before her wedding. I was expecting to have my son and be able to attend her wedding. As the week prior came up I tried on my dress for alterations and found that my breasts got a lot bigger than expected. (Thankfully David’s Bridal just exchanged the dress for a different size given the circumstances.) My shoes barely fit because of how swollen my feet were. And the cherry on top was two days before the wedding at 1000 at night I went into labor and had my son at 133 in the morning the day before the wedding.
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    Well, my four year old niece burped while we were at the altar. She was mortified, but I was relieved to have a little levity - I was super nervous, but that made it better :) Oh, and everyone heard it, too.  I can't WAIT to see the video. Wedding was just 3 days ago.
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    The priest said "intercourse" instead of something else.  It was super awkward.
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    The couple that introduced my FI and I were married in August, with my FI as their best man. The bride's uncle was officiating the ceremony and a bit of a jokester which did not end well for the groom. When it came to the repeat after me part, the priest got the groom to say "I, Matthew, take you Becky to be my lawfully wedded husband"
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    A good friend of mine had a DW in Vegas.  I wasn't able to attend but did see the wedding video.  During the vows the groom got mixed up on the wording.  Instead of saying "in sickness and in health" he said, "in sickness and in Hell".  It must have been some kind of premonition as the marriage was annulled about 9 months later.
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    My Wedding Cake! Saw a photo of it here on and fell in love with it! Researched the most affordable baker and discussed the design in details with her. She made me feel comfortable and at ease. Then comes the wedding day and me and my husband walks into the reception hall; greeted with hugs and cheers and a HORRIFIC cake! I had the time of my life that night, but I will never forget that disaster. Never trade quality for quantity!
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    We rented out the private basement bar of one of our favorite bar/restaraunts for our reception. It was much more laid back and relaxed, very us. It also meant the alcohol was flowing easier/faster than at a normal wedding and we had a much, much, MUCH wider variety of alcohol. My sister in law who is 21, had way too much to drink. She somehow stumbled upstairs (which is a working, NICE, bar and restaraunt) onto some lounge couches and PASSED OUT! She was so drunk that she passed out not only at our wedding, but upstairs away from our venue infront of all of the bar and restaraunt patrons! Someone who works at the bar came down to the wedding reception and told us we 'had to get her out of there' and kicked her out of their establishment!!! LOL
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    We did not tie the rings onto the ringbearer pillow tight enough, and they came off while he was walking down the aisle. When the best man went to get the rings, it lead to the whole crowd looking down the aisle for the rings. When they found the rings, they did not relay the message to door people that they were found, so right before I walk in they tell me that they lost the rings, and I, shocked and wanting to go look for the rings, stumble my first few steps down the aisle.
    Now it's a cute story, but through the whole reception everyone was saying "you should have used fake rings on the pillow" and it was embarassing and very very annoying.

    Also, during our ceremony instead of just having "who gives this woman..." we had "who supports this woman in her marriage to this man?" and "who supports this man in his marriage to this woman". At rehearsal, we told DH's dad to listen to what my dad said and try to say the same thing. (I do, we do, etc) Well my dad said "her family and I" and trying so hard to have the same wording, his dad also said "her family and I". He was so embarassed that he had called his son a "her"

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    The guests were seated, the wedding party had entered, and the song I was supposed to walk down the aisle to has begun... and I was still in the Brides Room!  Apparently, one of the wedding coordinators at the church had told my father that he was to wait for me at the back of the sanctuary and I would meet him there in time for the ceremony.  The other coordinator told ME to wait in the Brides Room for my father to come and get me!  A few notes into the bridal processional song, the ladies realize that I'm not where I need to be, and I end up doing a 100-yard dash in a huge ballgown just in time for the pianist to play the chorus of my song!  At least I didn't have enough breath to cry, and my cheeks were flushed with a "healthy, Bridal glow"!  hahaha!  Embarassed 

    My FIL loves to tell his side of the story:  as he was the Best Man, he kept whispering to DH "so this is what cold feet looks like....."!

    Long story short... make sure everyone keeps track of the BRIDE!!!

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    I came down the aisle to the main theme from Star Wars, complete with a crossed lightsaber entrance by two of my students dressed as Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi. As we were lined up to start the processional, Vader realized he didn't have his light saber. His dad had to run all the way back to the car (we got married on the third story of an historic textile mill), and by the time he got back, the first song had already started, since no one informed the music guy of the delay. 

    Then, my three-year-old nephew, who was escorting my mom down the aisle, was hiding inside the upright piano. Once my dad found him and got him in line, my nephew loudly informed us all, "I have to go poopy!" By this time, the second processional song, which was supposed to be for the bridesmaids, was playing. 

    We all eventually got down the aisle and Dad passed me off to DH, but we were almost to our vows before the pastor realized he hadn't told everyone they could be seated. 
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