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Gifts for each event?

My bridesmaids are taking me out next weekend for some type of bachelorette event (It's a surprise).  Is it customary to bring them gifts to thank them?  Also, they are organizing the bridal shower (my mom is paying though).  I plan on getting them gifts at the rehearsal dinner, but I'm not sure if I also have to give them gifts for other events they are planning? 

Re: Gifts for each event?

  • Generally a hostess gift is always nice for anyone who throws you a party.
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    Small host(ess) gift and a thank you card after for each of the hosts.  If it's at someone's house, you can send flowers beforehand.  Otherwise, something like a bottle of wine for each, small box of chocolates or other food item they like.
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    A hostess gift is always a nice touch, but never necessary.  

    If you want to do a thank you gift for the b-party, you could always send it along with the thank you note after the fact. 
  • I think you're totally fine not bringing a gift. I've thrown many bachelorettes and showers and was never brought a gift by the bride. I'm usually given a gift the night before the wedding or the morning of the wedding if I'm a bridesmaid. I did the same for my BMs, but I didn't bring them a separate gift for my shower and bachelorette party.

    Oh. I did bring a bottle of champagne to my MIL's house when she threw me a shower. 
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