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Maternity bridesmaid dress (cross-posted)

I am in a wedding in August and the bride just chose the Angelina Faccenda line and said we could pick one.  I will be six months pregnant, and the only one I'm thinking will work will be the 20431.  Does anyone have experience with these dresses?  Do they really have enough space?  The salon is just saying to order it big and they'll cut it down, but the only part of me that really gets bigger is my belly (third baby) so I don't know how that will look.

Re: Maternity bridesmaid dress (cross-posted)

  • In all honesty - take this picture to a reputable seamstress who is not affilated with the wedding industry.  show them the picture and get their honest feedback on if ordering a bigger size is what you need to do and what kind of alterations to expect.  Your salon may be correct, but that is also an easy excuse to get you to just go ahead and order the dress and deal with the issue later.
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    I think that dress might be too structured before the empire waist begins.  I also just took a look at the other dresses in that collection and none seem to have a true empire waist that will accommodate your bump.

    Can you speak to the bride about your concerns?  Some of the colors are available in both the regular BM dresses and the specific collection you need.  As long as you get the right fabric type and color, does it matter which collection you order from?

    FWIW, my MOH was 6 month pregnant at my wedding.  She ordered her dress 2 sizes too big and with extra length.  The dresses my BMs wore were knee length, so she didn't want it ending up too short.  She knew she would grow in areas other than just her bump, so she went 2 sizes bigger. 

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