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Ribbon Wands?

Were having are ceremony and reception at the same location. Its an old theatre and were using 2 diffent ballrooms. Since were indoors i was thinking of using ribbon wands since we will not be able it use this cheesy?

Re: Ribbon Wands?

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    I would rather just have the guests clap and cheer personally.  You don't need them waving anything in your face or throwing anything at you.  ;)

    But if you really feel like you DO need them waving something at you, ribbon wands are okay if done right.  Just don't expect the men to be too excited about waving them around.
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    The only real reason to have anything other than cheering and clapping is for the photo op, and I don't think ribbon wands look all that great in pictures.

    Someone on Offbeat Bride did a variety of flags that said "Yay".  I thought it was an awesome idea.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:10Discussion:4d366d12-5731-470c-b2fe-2744c1c816a5Post:5ad2c973-f446-4399-b4b8-e0ff0550df74">Ribbon Wands?</a>:
    is this cheesy?
    Posted by mebaker87[/QUOTE]

    IMO, yes. If I were a guest, I would feel silly waving a ribbon wand. There's just something really 80's unicornish about it to me.
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    The four year old little girls I teach LOVE ribbon wands.  So if your guest list is comprised of 4 year old girls, I say go for it.

    However, my DH, my son, my SIL would never, never, never, never wave a ribbon wand.  I think they're just silly.

    I second Dani's suggestion of clapping and cheering:  easy, eco-friendly, free, and not lame.
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    I think ribbon wands look kind of juvenile and dopey. Especially when grown men are waving them around.

    However, I will always vote for ribbon wands instead of something that can wreak havoc on the ecosystem, like a butterfly release (where the butterflies are often dead) or a dove release (where there's the possibility of the birds becoming prey, or not being the right kind of birds that can fly home, or that guests will be pooped on).

    It's a matter of personal preference. I personally don't like them, but it's not like you'd be hurting anyone if you did them, and lots of other people DO like them. Your call. Ask your FI if you cannot decide (although I imagine that most guys would vote no :P).
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    Cheesy, yes most definitely.  This is your wedding, not a rhythmic gymnastics meet
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