Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

What was your favorite wedding gift?

Just curious what everyone's favorite gift was? (besides the big checks!) Did anyone get anything interesting that they never thought of but loved? We got this great brass plaque that has our last name and wedding date. Its classy and understated! We love it!

Re: What was your favorite wedding gift?

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    Probably the simplest gift we received but absolutely beautiful, a framed gold and silver copy of The Ten Comandments of Marriage
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    edited April 2011
    the cash was great but we LOVE our grind and brew coffee maker. YUM!

    And people actually completed their china sets?Jealous! we only got 2 out of the 8 settings we registered for and THAT was from my mum's neighbor that we had to invite because she bought them and well, we had to invite her! :)
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