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I put on a wedding dress today ...

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I put on a ton of wedding dresses today, actually. It was my first time, and the process was - kind of a lot. It was a long afternoon and I came out of it a little overwhelmed, but overall it was a good start. I now know what I like and what I don't (in real-life, not just in magazines or Pinterest), so appointments will definitely be streamlined in the future.

Also? I've had a crush on a particular dress for MONTHS. And I tried it on. And I love it. And I want it.

The sample they had was 3 sizes too big, so it's clamped within an inch of its life, but there's still some excess fabric adding a bit of bulk; in my size, the bust will be higher and a little more structured/supportive, the waist can be pulled in another inch or so, and the bottom will also have a lot more structure (I'm too short for it, so it's kind of baggy and pooling towards the bottom.

Any thoughts? Thanks, ladies!

ETA: The picture would probably be helpful.

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