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Amazon Registry

Did anyone use the wedding registry on How was your experience? We made one because you can pretty much find anything on it for the lowest price. I'm just worried that since it's basically a registry for several stores, it may be harder for our guests or us to work with customer service, etc. Advice? Thanks!

Re: Amazon Registry

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    We're using it, and we already got some gifts off it!  No troubles.
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    We used Amazon.  No problems with things directly ordered from our registry.  We did receive items available from Amazon without a packing slip which we are not able to return.  I'm not 100% sure that  the items were ordered from Amazon or purchased in a traditional store, which is why they won't take them back.

    Of our three registries, Amazon was only used (officially) by two people.  One of those two knew how much we REALLY wanted one of the items that was only available through Amazon.  Most people purchased in-store from BBB and Crate & Barrel.
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    We registered at Amazon and only 1 person bought from it.  Kinda sad becuase I would have loved it if somebody registered at Amazon and I was going to their wedding!
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