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Any advice?

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Fiancé are I are dual army- he is in the reserves and I am in the guard

We have teetered back and forth about just going to the courthouse or having a ceremony. At first I wanted to get married at a historic building on guard headquarters base (that is frequently used for retirement ceremonies) but it is just now under construction and will be for the next several months.
We then looked at another venue but it is more than we want to spend.
The closest army base is two and a half hours away. However there is an Air Force base that is 30min away. I called a left a message with the assistant for the chaplain to see if it would be fine for us to get married there (since we are non Air Force). The assistant also mentioned something about marriage counseling? Do some chaplains have that as a requirement?

We are wanting to get married in late July (not much time left to plan). Were any of yall able to have a reception at the chapel as well (cake and punch)? We just want something nice, simple, quick and easy.

Re: Any advice?

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    Many Chaplains require several sessions of pre-marital counseling.  
    You can have a small ceremony at the courthouse.  You can even have a small number of guests witness sand then go have a nice dinner.  
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    Yeah that's our last resort option. im really hoping getting married at the chapel will work out.
    Several sessions?? Sigh.
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    What's the hurry? Why not wait until the place you want it is ready?
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    We are just ready. We already have a one year old together, and would like to expand our family again soon. We want the legal security, the titles, and I would like to have the same last name as him and my daughter. I would rather not continue to delay it.
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    Most chaplains do require marriage counseling. Just call around and find one that doesn't.
    I've been to several small ceremonies--they had the quick ceremony and we all went out to dinner at a restaurant afterwards. If you're just looking for something small, you don't have to do the stereotypical court-house t-shirt and jeans wedding. Some judges or JPs will marrying you outside if there's any nice areas right near the courthouse. One friend married at the USO, another married in the park across from the courthouse, another married by a Iwo Jima monument next to the courthouse. There's lots of options if you are unable to find a chaplain. Don't forget that retired chaplains are also able to perform wedding ceremonies. Contact the VFW or American Legion in your area.
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    Virtually any religious officiant, military chaplain or not, is going to require some kind of premarital counseling. Find a civil officiant, or if it's legal in your state, have a friend or family member get "ordained" on the internet. If you want a religious officiant, then you're going to have to step on the brakes a little and go through their requirements. 
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    I got in contact with my battalion chaplain. He is thrilled to do it, and does not require pre-martial counseling (just the date so he can be there). Thanks for the help!
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