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Will I "look like a bride" if I don't have something in my hair?

I know a girl who makes jewelry, and I asked her to make something for my hair (a headband thing with a ribbon and some metalwork), and she agreed.

However, I am now a little over a week away from my trial and I can't get in touch with her! I don't know what happened, she said she had sketches for me and then never sent them to me or followed up and she isn't replying to my calls.

I'm sad that it may not work out, but I really don't want to have to bother with finding a replacement, trying to get it shipped in time, spending money, etc. I think I'd really rather just not have anything in my hair. However a couple of people have said to me that I won't "look like a bride" if I don't have something. I think this is pretty much BS and I can still look good with just having my hair professionally done and not having anything in it. What do you guys think? I think the big white dress ought to be enough to help people get the hint...

Re: Will I "look like a bride" if I don't have something in my hair?

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