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First look, love or hate it??


Re: First look, love or hate it??

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    We did one, and I am really happy we did. While those specific pictures aren't actually my favorites, it made the whole process go so smoothly. And my FI was so emotional when the doors opened and I walked through, he had to remind himself to breathe! He was still trying to hold it together through the earlier pictures, but by the time we made it to the ceremony, it had truly sunk in that he was about to marry me. It worked perfectly for us. But I think every couple has to evaluate for themselves. 
  • Thank you for the article @JoAnne1027. That seals the deal for me!
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  • Loved our first look. It's what we both think about as our favorite part. I will always remember his reaction. Just a smile while he was taking it in, then he just welled up and we were both so emotional. I'm glad we saved that for just us instead of in front of all our guests.
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  • My husband wasn't sold on it at first either. As it grew closer he realized that the benefits of getting to go into the cocktail hour and spend more time with our guests made him change his mind. It was one of my favorite times of the day because it was so personal and comforting.

  • We didnt do one for our wedding but we will be doing the photos for the renewal before the ceremony. Its just because we wont have the photographer but for a short time after so we need to do it before. 
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  • We didn't do a first look and I'm kind of glad we didn't. My husband never cries and he had some tears as I was walking down the aisle, it was so cute, it made the moment very special. We also had a hard time taking our eyes off of each other at the ceremony :)

    I understand why people would want a first look though, I was really nervous before I walked down the aisle and a first look might alleviate some of the nerves.

  • My FI refused to do a first look so I'm doing it with my dad. My dad is one of my best friends and it will mean alot to have those first look pictures with him. I hope he cries :) 11 days!
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  • I didn't do a first look with my husband ( we exchanged gifts and letters through the door ) but I also did a first look with my dad. I'm a total daddy's girl so the first look with him was great to have and I am excited to see those pictures ( we both cried ). Then during the photos with my husband, I cried. My husband isn't much a crier but his letter was so sweet and sentimental, which isn't his typical demeanor, so it just brought me to tears. In a way I think a first look with my husband might have been helpful, I had major anxiety before walking down the aisle (typical, I get really bad anxiety) and once I saw his face as I walked down the aisle I was immediately calmed. We are both just really traditional and thought it would be bad luck to see each other before the ceremony so no regrets here :)
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  • The first look question is really just your own personal preference.  

    I have never heard anyone disappointed in their choice though. 
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  • We got ready together and took all of our pictures before the ceremony.  We didn't even do an official "first look" because we got ready together.  It really isn't important to us.

    However, I can't imagine waiting to do pictures until after the ceremony.  I'd feel so rushed and overwhelmed!  Do it before and then just enjoy after the ceremony. 
  • I think the "first look" topic has to do a lot with our current culture compared to those of previous generations. Most couples are living and sleeping together before they're married, so I can see how it wouldn't make much sense for the couple to wake up in the morning next to each other. go off and get ready, and then not see each other until she came down the aisle. That would also explain the rise in colored wedding dresses and why many couples party till the end of the reception with their guests instead of retreating back to the honeymoon suite. There's just different priorities nowadays.

    Personally, I like my traditions, so we're sticking with him not seeing me between the rehearsal dinner and when I'm walking down the aisle. Plus, I like seeing the groom's expression, and I also like the drama of the grand entrance when the bride comes in.

    But of course, it's such an individual choice. Whatever makes that couple happy sounds good to me. :)
  • We are going to do a FL.  Our photographer suggested that often, brides and grooms are excited for their wedding and want to be ready and get started with pictures, etc, celebrating with their closest friends/families sooner than later.  He also said that when pictures are primarily before the ceremony, there is less of a rush.

    Either way works - but I'm quite excited about doing it this way - also even 20 minutes together before walking down the aisle will help calm any nerves I might have.  It's kind of crazy to anticipate having 300 people turn around and look at you walk.  Makes me a little nervous already just being watched like that, haha.
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    imageWe did it and I loved it! His best men walked ahead and he was last; then my crew walked and I was last; when he saw the matron of honor  take her place; he walked back to get me and meet me in the middle. It was like we just had met all over.
  • It was my favorite part of my whole day (besides being announced man and wife at the ceremony of course) It was so intimate and special and my H teared up both at the reveal and as I was walking down the aisle.
  • we didnt do the 1st look. i would would say it was the best choice ever! seeing the look on my husbands face with me walking to him i wouldnt change that for anything!
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  • What everyone else has already said.  We did first look last weekend!.   When I first brought up that this is what I wanted to do, hubby balked.  He's pretty traditional, didn't understand what it was fully, etc.   Photographer also pointed out perks that I had mentioned --ones everyone in this thread mentioned.    So we did first look and then we did family and bridal party pics too.  Day after hubby says "I'm so glad we did the first look.  I was able to hold myself together in church and was less nervous."    Following mass, we did have little time for formal pics at church too, so we didn't lose out on the portrait pics in the church either.  You can do both!  
  • I think first looks are beautiful for the right people. For me, I hate the idea of doing one. I completely see why other people want one, though.
  • We did a first look and I'm so glad that we did. He already knew what my hair, jewelry, veil and shoes looked like, but he hadn't seen the dress. He was shaking so bad out of joy and anticipation! I would have regretted if you didn't do it so I highly recommend it. :)
  • I hated our photographer's idea for it, but didn't get the chance to tell him that beforehand: have him waiting all the way down the staircase, around a corner. This was one of the biggest moments I was looking forward to capturing, but it didn't happen because our photog thought he had the perfect spot and didn't at all. I couldn't see my husband; my husband saw me without the "awww" moment, and none of the pictures we wanted were even remotely there.

    Should have been one of the most special moments, and it wasn't.

    Michael Barnholdt Photography was otherwise very awesome.
  • To clarify, if I would have known where my FI would have been waiting I would have objected, but our photog didn't tell us that - I have seen gorgeous photos in our venue with the first look... Was just very disappointed. Could have waited until I got down the stairs to get us in one frame - much more important than getting "the staircase" in.
  • I would like to do a first look session, but FI isn't sold on the idea. I was hoping a selling point would be the fact that neither of us likes to be in front of a crowd and have all eyes on us, so doing first look would give us time to be together and relaxed because the only people around would be us, the photographer and his mom and step-dad. Even though a lot of photographers have an apprentice or second shooter, I would hate for both of them to miss his reaction as I'm coming down the aisle. I am also trying to sell him on being able to spend more time actually enjoying the cocktail hour because most of our pictures will be done before the ceremony so we won't be rushed between. I just want that special moment when we see each other to be a personal one that we can savor.
  • I didn't do it, and I don't like it! Doesn't everyone know it's bad luck?

    Plus, I wouldn't trade anything for the look on his face when I walked down the aisle. I don't need a picture of it, and doing a shoot before would have cheapened the moment for me.
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  • We wanted to do a first look-mostly to get some of the pics done earlier in the day...but my make-up artist went to the church instead of the hotel, so we just didn't have time. (This was the only time hiccup-the wedding ceremony and reception was all right on time.)

    I feel like this was just meant to be-he kind of wanted to be surprised, and I probably would have started crying and ruined all the make-up. Because of the windows on the church door, though, I was able to see him at the altar before he saw me-so handsome, my husband! We got great pictures later. (Well, I think so-haven't seen them all yet!)

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  • I never ever wanted to do a first look, but then we chose to do the ceremony & reception at the same place. There was no way I was missing the cocktail hour, so first look was the way to go. I had always imagined my H seeing me for the first time as I was coming down the aisle, but I have no regrets. It was nice to spend some moments alone together. Also, I think my H would have been a lot more nervous to have his reaction occur in front of everyone.
  • We aren't planning on doing the first look - I think FI would be pretty opposed to it, and I'm okay with that.  :)

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    libby2483 said:
    We did not do a first look, and I'm very glad that we didn't.  Seeing my H's face as he saw me for the first time walking down the aisle was a very special moment. 
    Ditto - absolute best moment of the day for me. 
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    We did a First Look, and I am so glad we did!  My DH is very shy, and we had been talking quite a bit about his readiness to be standing in front of everyone and stared at. It helped him relax, and I was so glad we had that intimate moment together.

    If you/your fiancé are rather shy, I totally recommend it.  I also recommend greeting guests before the ceremony, too.  I have such special memories now of that, and we were both much more relaxed before our full Catholic mass, too. :) (It was over an hour long, and I am a bit of a nervous pee-er, so that worked out well in the end.)

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