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Bridesmaid dress too tight!


Just picked up my bridesmaid dress today...David's Bridal took the top in way too tight, the wedding is a week away. 

The dress has always been snug through my hips (it's a lace dress, the lace overlay isn't tight, it's the skirt/slip underneath) but now it's tight around my chest too! 

I'm in full blown panic mode. I can go braless and the top fits a little better but it's not particularly comfortable. 

PLEASE any tips/advice is needed! Can a seamstress/tailor add fabric to the skirt? 

Re: Bridesmaid dress too tight!

  • I had an issue with a BM dress where they mixed my measurements up with another BM, she didn't quite fill out the dress the way I did. The dress was picked up 3 days before I had to leave for the wedding by my mom and when I tried it on at my house it didn't fit. Luckily, my mom is a seamstress and worked magic.

    One of my issues was there was hardly any seam allowance to take it out. Another thing is that it may not look like the other girl's dresses when all is done. Get a good seamstress and good luck! It can be done!
  • Another tick against DB. I had a dress come in really tight in the chest as well.

    Some dresses sorta stretch out a bit as you warm it up and wear it. Maybe wear it around the house and see if it loosens up? If you can zip it, I would just try and loosen it up a bit. 
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  • This is why you try on the dress before leaving the store and they can still work on the issue - regardless of the bridal store.  Double-check to confirm that it's the right size dress in the first place.  Call DB up, see what your options are.  Call around to area DB stores and see if they have that dress off the rack in the same color in the next size up as it may be less than trying to do alterations. 
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