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Warning Kara Knutson Photography

From the day after our wedding to the day we received our wedding
photos from M.E photography

it was a whopping 65 days, to note our payment for the photos was cashed right
away! Our photographer had no sense of urgency or professionalism to get
our photo's done.  There was a variety of issues with M.E
photography. I will start from the beginning. I have never been married before
so maybe this is the case with all photographers. We wanted a photographer
that would be $1000 or less.  The old adage is true in this case you get
what you pay for.  M.E photography was actually not our first choice but after
some research and our original choice was already booked we meet with Kara and
she was very bubbly and fun and instilled a lot of confidence in us that
she was just what we were looking for. After I signed and mailed our contract I
did not hear from Kara.  I never received a copy of our contract or
much communication at all about her working our wedding, but she cashed the
check right away.  Throughout our engagement period and time before the
wedding I was always first to contact Kara to make any arrangements
or communicate any information. It took her consistently 3 – 4 days
to ever reply to an email or test message. I found this quite irritating


A month before our wedding having not heard anything from her
I contacted her about getting our engagement photo's done. And in typical fashion
it took her 3-4 days to respond to any and all emails.  We did finally get
an engagement photo shoot set up and to Kara’s credit she was always right on
time.  It did however take weeks to get our engagement photos. We got
our photos on a CD in a padded envelope. CD was not in a CD case and
aside from the Digital release there was no information.  Our photos
were average. I was not impressed with the photographs that we received for our
engagement shoot and wanted to find a different photographer but my
Fiancée was still convinced that Kara was the best photographer for the
price.  For our actual wedding I was put in the position to
communicate all information to Kara about the day, the timeline, the photo's we
wanted. She was definitely NOT proactive about setting anything up or getting
the information she would need for our day. On our wedding day Kara arrived on
time and was very bubby and easy to work with. A few folks commented that
she didn't seem very "busy" at the wedding. I was of course the
anxious bride so I cannot speak to that.  I can however express my anger
that our photos took so long and that Kara never communicated about the photo status until I contacted her.  I had to keep contacting her about the
status of our photos. When we got our wedding CD it was addressed to the WRONG BRIDE!!


We did finally expectantly look at our photos. Kara did a
great job getting photos of our food and flowers and the backgrounds.  In
at least 50% of the photo's we are blurry and the background is what is
the focus of the shot NOT US. I cried when I saw them. We also seem to be looking off in different
directions and often times in the photographs the way the composition was taken
only one of us was facing the camera. I was disappointed in our wedding photographs.
Kara did do a handful of photos with special effects such as black
and white and sepia but it was random and we did not feel it enhanced the
photographs. Group shots did not seem to have any composition often times with
one or two people off to the side of the main group. I also felt like
Kara did not have a good handle of the lighting. There were over exposed and
under exposed photos.  Perhaps our wedding time was difficult for lighting
but I felt she could have arranged us to catch the "best" lighting
situations.  The whole experience was quite frustrating and we liked
so many pictures provided by friends and family better than what our
"professional" provided.  All in all Kara was very nice and
friendly and seemed very comfortable in the setting. However I could not
recommend her.  She is absentminded and not a professional.  Again
you get what you pay for I guess.  Hindsight is 50/50.  I am glad we have photographs and there are a handful of good photos but I would
rather have paid more money to get a better experience, a business
professional and hopefully better photos with less disappointment and
aggravation. We were definitely not a priority to M.E photography. 

A year later and my Husband asks if I will ever get over being angry about our Photos.  I plan to have a "re-do" with another photographer to get lovely photo of us that I will be proud to display. A year later and I have not framed or let anyone see our "professional photos".  

Buyer beware!


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