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Help with an article for The Knot! Signs you're on wedding overload...

Hi all,

I'm a writer for The Knot and I'm working on a story called "Signs You're On Wedding Overload." I really want to incorporate some real-life examples from you all. Can you think of a time where you realized you were stressing out too much over your wedding? What was the sign, what made you realize it?

Let me know! I'd love to hear about your experiences.



Re: Help with an article for The Knot! Signs you're on wedding overload...

  • Well my wedding was on January 21 and now I am really sad and depressed that it is over.  I think about the wedding all the time. I replay moments of it back in my mind a lot. Also, I have dreams about the wedding almost every night. I don't have regrets or feel the need to do it over again, I just keep having these dreams that involve the wedding in one way or another. 

    I'm sad that my bridesmaids will never get together again with me to go dress shopping or to throw me a party. I am sad that my mom and I don't have dress fittings to go on a random Wednesday night. And I'm really sad that all of our wedding guests will never be together again. I mean, really, when will we have all of our loved ones in the same room again? 

    I guess I just loved planning my wedding. I was so excited about everything and in the end it sure did come together the way I invisioned it but now I am just so sad it's all over. 
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  • The easiest answer is when it is no longer fun :(
  • Thanks so much for your stories ladies!
  • The moment when you ask your FI "can we just go to the courthouse now?" Haha!
    I wasn't as much into the hype as some brides are; I really just wanted to be married. I do have one friend, though, that can't go 10 minutes without talking about her very far in the future wedding. I would say that's wedding overload.
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  • When the stress has become so much that you have no appetite and are nauseas all the time. When you feel like you can’t function at work and want to leave early just to go home- but when you get home you simply make a bee- line to your bed, curl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep. You can’t sleep through the night and don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. All you want is for your day to come so you can share it with your fiancé, and forget about all the stress everyone else has caused. When your count down to your day is no longer a countdown of excitement rather a countdown of how many more dreaded days until the nightmare is over and you can begin living your happily ever after.

    I love my fiancé – he is amazing and has been wonderfully helpful, he is not the stress- it’s everyone else.  I am so on board with ELOPING!!!


  • Signs of wedding overload :o)
    1)When you tell the clerk at the gas station "have a good night" when you pay for your morning coffee
    2) You order your fiancee and youself take out and they ask for your address and you tell them your parents phone number.. two completely different things (I did take comfort in giving the delivery boy a decent laugh on that one)
    3) My favorite.. went grocery shopping.. checked out..groceries bagged.. realized when i got to my car i took an empty cart on accident.. and I pushed that empty cart out of the store all the way to my car...
    4) They lost the bachelor at the bachelor party.. I really should write a book lol :o) Only took my maid of honor and I four hours to find him.. and he was truly innocent on this one
    5) had to find new groomsman last minute after number four occured
    6) Another favorite of mine... I called a dear friend PANICKING.. if we had 10 guests to a table and 11 tables would 107 guests fit?!?! Heaven forbid our college educated brains could multiply 11 times 10.. you would have thought that was a calculas question.. we both needed to pull out our smart phone calculators! ( And yes... they do fit!)
    7) Hehehe... my poor parents.. they have come to expect the daily phone call where I am calling for a really GOOD reason but just can't remember whyInnocent

    At the end of the day.. I'll be married! And someone.. somewhere.. will be wondering why I didn't show up to some random appointment I made and completely forgot about!
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