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Scouting Trip Reviews Part 1: The Mirage (Suite Tour)

We're back from five days of fun and wedding scouting (and then attending my boss's wedding)!

I was in direct correspondence via e-mail with Joselyn from Suite Services at the Mirage after putting in an inquiry through the web site. I gave her the dates of our wedding scouting trip and she let me know that they wouldn't know until the day of, but she'd do her best. She also let me know there was a convention taking place that week, and I'd have better luck getting a viewing on Monday or Tuesday than later in the week.

Fast forward to the Saturday before we left, and I had an e-mail from Joselyn saying that she was able to lock down a number of different rooms for us to view on the Monday. FABULOUS!

We got to the Mirage at about 2 (our appointment was at 2:30) and went to the VIP check-in desk. We had to wait about 10 minutes (but we were early) when Joselyn greeted us and showed us up to the rooms.

The Mirage keeps all the suites on the same floors. Hospitality suites are right near the elevator with big double doors, and penthouse & tower suites are everywhere else (also double doors, great feeling). 

Joselyn was great in providing information on what floors to ask for and what ones to avoid (28 and 29, because they have the vinyl wrapping on their windows which affects the view.)

There's three color primary schemes: red & orange, which is more 'sexy' and not recommended by Joselyn for the wedding, and blue & green ('peacock'), and an earthtone one. I'm not a fan of earthtones, so that one was immediately out, but the blue/green/peacock was really pretty. We didn't get a chance to see the red/orange one, unfortunately.

The rooms look just like what you see on the web site and in the reviews/wedding share photos. There were no major surprises (see part 2 for my review on the Cosmo on that one). 

The room has audio video jack plug-ins for music, but there's also an iPod dock (30-pin, so bring your adaptors if you're on something newer than a 4S!).

I think the tower and penthouse suites would be a little cramped for anything more than 20-25 guests, but the hospitality suite could probably handle 40 with a lot of comfort. Hospitality suites had a pool table, which was a big hit for the fiancee.

Re: Scouting Trip Reviews Part 1: The Mirage (Suite Tour)

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    Oh, additional thought! We asked about booking times and busy seasons. Summer is of course the most quiet, and weekends more than weekdays. Joselyn recommended checking with them first to see if there's any conventions before booking, and to request your room by color and on the middle-lower floors (avoiding the highest 2 floors) so that you don't have any vinyl wrapping. There was no recommended time on how soon out you need to book.
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