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Hair extensions??

Hey guys, I am looking for some advice regarding how I am going to style my hair. I love the idea of long, flowy hair but mine currently sits at about shoulder length. I have worn clip in extensions before but by the end of the day I always have a headache because they make my head sore. I thought that some sort of long messy braid might be a great compromise and I love the look. something like this:

My question is, is there any sort of extensions out there I could wear just for a longer braid? Or would it work to just clip in a few larger extensions? I think I'd be ok with a few as long as it wasn't a full head of them.

Re: Hair extensions??

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    I have no advice for the ones you put in yourself but I used to get the real hair ones glued in professionally and I LOVED them. As long as you take care of them they last a long time and they made my hair look amazing all the time. I had them when I went to college and nobody knew it wasn't my hair. If I could afford to have them all the time I would even just for the thickness it gave me.

    This isn't the best picture but here's a picture of me with them curled. 

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    Were you putting the clip ins yourself? Maybe you were just putting them in too tight? I've never had headaches from clip ins...

    But, for a side braid, you would only need to put the clip ins on one side of your head, and you could wear them lower on your head (so they could be clipped in a little looser, since you'll have lots of hair covering them and won't have to worry about the clips showing). Check out youtube for extension hair styles, and you'll find several for pony tails and side braids that will show you how many clips you'll need and where to clip them. 
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