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XP Help my FMIL choose her dress...



My FMIL is so stuck between TWO GORGEOUS dresses..


Which one do you like better?


We are getting married November 7th on Long Island. I have also
added in the bridesmaid dresses and my mothers dress with each just so you can
see! (maids are in eggplant, my mom is in gold)


Would love to get your thoughts.. I love BOTH so I really am not
that much of a help!





Re: XP Help my FMIL choose her dress...

  • IMO the blue/purple (can't quite tell which color it is) looks too much like the bridesmaid dress. The black and ivory is stunning!
  • Hard choice, those are both amazing. I'd lean towards the black and ivory if she's worried about matching the BMs too closely, but if she doesn't care about that, I probably like the blue better.

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  • Do you both think it looks too much like the bridesmaids dress? I know they are both lace and strapless but besides that I thought they almost flowed in a good way..

    thanks for your input!
  • RezIpsaRezIpsa member
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    Definitely the blue on the right. Not a fan of the ivory one.
  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    Blue!  I, personally, dislike dresses with lots of bling.   I like classic, conservative dresses.  My own mother was embarrassing at my wedding in a very low cut gown.
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    I think the blue lace one flatters her figure more.
  • spglspspglsp member
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    Team blue. I'm not a fan of those sheer, bling tops; too ice capades.
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  • Definitely the blue on the right. It's stunning.

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  • ashley8918ashley8918 Chicago Suburbs member
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    The blue one looks great. And it does not matter at all if it looks like the bridesmaids dresses.
  • I like the blue one better, but both are very nice so just encourage her to wear whatever one she likes the best--can't go wrong!  And both my mom and MIL wore a shade of purple similar to the bridesmaids color and was not an issue.

  • emmaaaemmaaa North Carolina mod
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    I like to blue one much better!

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