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Here's an interesting topic, for anyone not living on the West Coast or the South :) Weather in October. I'll be on the East coast (from the Midwest) and late October is very unpredictable. Are you guys having indoor? outdoor? Outdoor with a back up plan?

What are you doing about clothing and warmth if it's cold/windy/rainy?

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  • We're planning outdoor at the end of October in NC. We haven't even thought about a backup plan for weather because we're hell bent on getting married at our chosen location.

    I've attended a ceremony where it was pouring down rain in late October and cleared up by picture time. Sometimes it can also be excruciatingly hot in October as well.
  • I got married two weeks ago at the southern tip of Lake Michigan. We obsessively checked the weather forecast until about two hours before the wedding. We were prepared for the expected rain but not for the cold--it was 20 degrees COLDER than what the forecast said. No one had jackets or coverups. The kids froze. We froze. And we didn't get NEAR as many pictures as I wanted because of the chill. 

    Point; make sure that if it's outdoors and you don't have the option to go inside, that you are prepared for any outcome.
  • Getting married in south Chicago suburbs October. Our location has indoor/outdoor and the wedding coordinator said she watches weather radar and doesn't make a call until the last minute (they take care of redecorating/moving everything). If it's cooler than expected, they move the ceremony from the gazebo to right in front of the 15ft fire pit and keep the heat level comfortable for the bride. For rain, they do everything inside the loft area (can fit 185 ppl) but it still looks amazing. They've posted photos of their contingency plan weddings and they look awesome. She also lets you come back to do photos if the weather on your wedding day didn't cooperate. 
  • We're doing a Baltimore indoor/outdoor location. It's important to us to have a backup plan in place because weather here is unpredictable. We have narrowed our choices down to three locations and each one has a back up plan in the event that there is a cold snap, or it rains (or snows, which has happened before Halloween). One of the places will set the room up for a ceremony and can flip the room for a reception in 30 minutes while guests move into a large foyer for cocktail hour if necessary.

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  • As soon as the 2016 Farmer's Almanac is available(August!), I'm getting a copy.  It's not perfect down to the day, but I've found it's pretty darn accurate on the monthly forecasts.

    Their website is pretty good for checking archived info from previous years.

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  • Indoor only because of i plan it outdoors it will be rainy, every event I plan outdoors it rains so we are just going to keep it in.
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