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QOTD 5/20

I do this thing called QOTD (Question of the Day) on my other board (Budget Weddings) and it's a big hit over there, so I figured I'd start it over here and see what you ladies think.

Every week day I will post a new QOTD and you just answer it.  It's a nice way to spark discussion.

Let me know what you think.  I'll probably keep it going for a week and guage the interest in it after that.

So, on to today's QOTD.

What kind of alterations did you have to get done on your dress?

Re: QOTD 5/20

  • I got lucky and bought a sample dress in my size so the only alterations I need are:
    -getting bra cups sewn in
    -adding one-point bustle
    -adding darts in the chest area

  • I searched high and low for an Empire style dress, but the closest I could find was this one at Alfred Angelo.  It's actually strapless, but came with wide straps that could be buttoned on --

    I had the entire top redone, a corset back to replace the zipper and the length taken up from the center of the dress.

    I was so happy with how it turned out, I had such a wonderful seamstress work on it for me.
  • I also didn't have much to do for alterations. Just had to let out a bit and redart in the bust area, take in at the waist and do a bustle.
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  • All I needed was some hemming! I was quite lucky in that department, and was really one of my few requirements for a dress, that it not need a lot of alterations.
  • I had to have the sides taken in, and the bustle; at first it fit perfect, but i bought my dress over a year before the wedding, and then lost weight, so then it was taken in some. 
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