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How many dresses/shops until you found "the one"?


Re: How many dresses/shops until you found "the one"?

  • I went to two stores technically. The first was sort of a drop-in when I had a free afternoon and they did not have anything I liked. I found my dress online on the second store's website. Although I tried on may 5 or so other dresses there, when I put it on I knew it was the one. I am pretty decisive and luckily seeing it online first didn't put too much pressure on it! It fits my personality very well as well as being flattering on my body. I can't wait to wear it in 8 days!!!
  • I definitely don't think I'll cry. I'm not emotional enough about it but I definitely want to be in love with it. I want to want to say "no need for a bag, I'm wearing this out of the store" (obviously I won't lol but that's the feeling I'm looking for"
  • I'm going dress shopping in July. It's super early, but it's also probably the only time my FMIL and my mom will be in the same state until the wedding. My FMIL has no daughters of her own and she and I get along really well, so I want to include her in the process.

    If I don't end up finding the dress (I am super picky) in July (which is a year-and-a-half out), I will go looking again in December (a year out), when I'll be visiting my mom for the holidays. The hardest part for me is that I don't live near any close friends or family, so I kind of have to do this stuff when I get the opportunity. Thank goodness we both wanted a decently long engagement.

    I'm in the same boat. I live in California and my family and friends and the wedding are in Ohio. So I'm a little sad I may have to finish the dress shopping process on my own :(
  • One shop, second dress I tried on. I didn't even think I'd want a dress like that one I got (full skirt, chapel train, sleeveless). I had my heart set on the OPPOSITE. But I was sure surprised when my mom made me try it on that I loved it. I loved feeling like a princess.
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    I went to one shop.  I tried on maybe six dresses, with the last dress being a long shot. (it was way over budget).  The second to last dress was the one. I knew when I put it on, and my MOH and two bridesmaids who were with me said it was their favorite as well.  I didn't cry or anything, but I couldn't stop looking in the mirror.  I guess that was my "moment".
  • I made appointments at 3 different shops, I found "the one" at the last appointment :) I really liked the dress as soon as I put it on, but it wasn't until I put on the veil that I knew it was my dress!
  • 2 stores like 10 dresses. Both times it was for a trunk show which was a blessing and a curse. Great because you get a percent off, bad because you don't have time to think before you decide.

    I am not an emotional person usually, but I totally cried when I put on my dress for the second time during the appointment. When I had the dress on the song I want to be our first dance came on in the salon, totally a sign! I cried and all 4 of the people I brought with me cried. Even my bridesmaid that didn't even cry during her own wedding!

    So yeah I had "the moment" but I think I could have been happy with many different dresses. You just can't question signs like that lol
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    I shopped at 5 different bridal stores over 2 days to find the right dress. It was actually the second to last dress shop I went to. I had a hard time because I found a dress at each store that I really liked. But, the dress I chose is so unique. I fell in love with it on the hanger and it looked even better when I tried it on.

    I got it as part of their sample sale but it was still a bit over budget though ;)!
  • I've gone to 2 stores and tried on about 20 dresses, and I have a favorite, but because I'm most likely going to have my aunt make me a custom dress, I probably won't find "the one" in stores, even though I want one very similar to one I tried on.
  • 6 shops, 70ish dresses (over the course of 6 months) You can be sure that when I put on my dress I knew that was it! I didnt want to take it off, but I eventually did - just to put it on again after 3 more dresses. 
  • I went to five shops I believe. 4 shops in the Virginia/DC area and I found my dress at Bridals by Lori in Atlanta! 
  • I went to five shops I believe. 4 shops in the Virginia/DC area and I found my dress at Bridals by Lori in Atlanta! 
    I got my dress there too! :)

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    A bridal place was having an expo for female service members and those engaged to service members, so we checked it out. Mine was the third dress I tried on and I had two others I was considering trying on after it... but I didn't want to change. I have no idea who the designer is, but it's beautiful and perfect for me.

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    Six shops so about 40 dresses. Ended up with the second dress I tried on at a shop more local to me than when I first tried it on.

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  • I just found my dress last week! I only went to 2 places and tried on a total of about 10 dresses. It helps if you look online and figure out a general idea of what you like and want. I picked dress #10! 

  • My friends think I am insane, but I went all over the New Orleans area.  I think 7 stores and some more than once.  Finally I found the one at the first store I went to but after trying on 24 gowns.  Crazy me.
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