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Honeymoon Plans?

Has anyone decided where they want to go on their honeymoon as yet? FI & I were discussing it on the weekend and are juggling between Greece, France or staying in Jamaica which would be more affordable but not nearly as exciting as visiting the first two, which we've never been before.

Re: Honeymoon Plans?

  • I am going to be zero help when it comes to helping you decide, because those three locations are all amazing (at least, they seem to be from the pictures I have seen, but I have never been to any of them). FI and I did briefly consider Jamaica but didn't want an AI and wanted to be able to explore the local area. We had heard that you had to be careful there, and decided it probably wasn't for us. 

    However, we do have a honeymoon location of our own after much deliberation: Ireland! It took a long time to make that decision though. At first I was looking at beachy destinations with AI resorts, but FI didn't want an AI and wanted to be able to explore the local area and culture instead of just staying at a resort all week. Then I started considering Hawaii, but it was expensive and still didn't seem right for us (although we couldn't exactly figure out why). One day when I was really stressing out over this, FI looked at me and asked why I had been considering beachy/tropical locations as we already live in Southern California and can go to the beach and lay under palm trees 24/7. So then I started thinking about what non-beachy location I would like, and it hit me. I have always wanted to go to Ireland, FI loves Guinness and Whiskey, it's relatively cheap for accommodations, and the flight isn't very long or expensive from NY (we don't mind the long flight back). We can also explore on our own and get a sense of the local culture while relaxing in the Irish Countryside and hopefully stay in a castle! 

    I don't know if that will be helpful for anyone else, but I researched a ton of locations before coming to that decision, and could recommend a few places that we decided weren't right for us but could be for others. 

  • Key West. We love it there.
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  • Key West & Ireland sound great from what I've heard. I'm part Irish but I've never been and me and FI love Guinness too! 
    Nothing is concrete yet and FI has recently thrown a cruise into the mix so more decisions! *Like wedding planning alone wasn't enough*
  • We're going to Tuscany and probably Mykonos Greece, depending on money! From my personal point of view, any where has it's great points and some that you may not love but in all, you will have a beautiful and amazing trip because your with your husband!!! 

    France is beautiful. 
  • We're having a pre-moon in Hawaii because my cousin is getting married there a few weeks before our wedding, and that is where my fiance wanted to go. I hope we'll be able to relax and not still be planning... >_<
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  • We are going to Hawaii! Maui first, then to Kauai, stopping in California on the way back home to NJ. It's gonna be a great trip!

    Before deciding on Hawaii, I had really really wanted to do Greece or France...my opinion is you should do something new for your honeymoon and just go somewhere neither one of you have every been! No matter what it'll be a great trip though!
  • We cut our honeymoon so we could fund our party with friends and family first. The time with them was our top priority for our wedding, but I am starting to wish we had a trip planned. We are both taking time off after the wedding so we may just go somewhere nearby to relax. I am making sure to enter every free honeymoon contest there is so you never know!


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  • We are going to Jamaica and staying at a Sandals resort! I know its kind of an off time of the year to go to a beach-but we are so excited! :) 
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