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been so discouraged because of prednisone


So my wedding is not until 2 years, so that's plenty of time to lose weight and get in shape, right? Except I have lupus (SLE and nephritis), so I've been on prednisone (a steroid) for a year and a half (I've been on it before too). Last time I was on it was between December 2011–November 2012, and I was able to lose weight easily after getting off of it. It might have taken awhile, but I went from 140 to 116 (which was actually my lowest, I am 5'4" and I was too thin at 116 but I also was flaring up badly with high fevers).

I had labs around 2013 and they found that the protein in my kidney went back up, so I had to get a kidney biopsy the 2nd week I first started my upper division graphic design program at school. So I had to go back on prednisone again. 40 mg actually. Then I was getting high fevers and flares. I don't know why. I think I was extremely stressed about the workload at school, the fact that I couldn't drive for a while because I had a seizure months before, and because my dad passed away in 2013. So eventually I had to go on 80 mg. I eventually tapered down. But last year the protein came back again when I would taper between 25–15 mg. So I stayed on 15 mg for 6 months. My nephrologist and rheumatologist work together regarding my labs and stuff. I was able to taper down to 10 mg in December. Now I weigh 155 pounds. The heaviest I have been since high school.

I just saw my nephrologist today and she keeps encouraging me saying my labs look fine, and I took a urine test for her. and I have to take another one at home for her next week. But to me it feels like I'm never going to get off of prednisone or lose weight in time for the wedding. I'm so lucky and blessed my fiancé loves and adores me like crazy, he has been with me through the worst (my hospitalizations, he was there when my dad died, drove me around when I couldn't) and best (our trips to SF, and our recent trip to NYC where he proposed) but I want to feel good about myself and not look like I want to murder people when they take pictures of me (my fiancé says I have that look, even when I was thinner, idk I just never felt beautiful or photogenic). My FMIL and older sister LOVE taking pictures for memories sake and I love looking back at old pictures, but not when I look blobby. My fiancé is overweight and he always tells me he wants to lose weight so he can live longer without health issues and look good. I encourage him because I want us to have a good quality of life, and I already lost my dad, which is really traumatic. 

I am going to graduate college this Saturday. I just bought the Physique 57 DVD set today so I can start getting stronger and fitter even if I don't lose weight right away. Actually, I tried a couple of Bar Method videos last week and they were hard and I was sore but I noticed my arms and calves sculpted easily. 

I'm just worried that because I've been on prednisone way longer this time, I won't be able to go back to 125–130 pounds. And I want to start shopping for the dress next year around July or August, and I don't want to melt down and cry just because I won't think I look good. Luckily my arms are the easiest to tone up and sculpt. 

Has anyone had medical conditions that made it extra hard to lose weight? It has never come easily for me. I never had a fast metabolism, but in high school it was because I had horrible eating habits but I started going on the treadmill and eating better so I lost the weight. But in my early/mid 20s (I'm 25 and a half) it's because of the prednisone. I just...need some encouragement I guess. Lupus has not been easy for me or my older sister (whos 39, hers is actually way worse than mine and she has pulmonary hypertension and sclermoderra) My mom has lupus too, but luckily hers is very mild, and she is actually very healthy for 57 years old.

So sorry if this is super long, but if there's any other spoonies I'd love to chat and connect too!

Re: been so discouraged because of prednisone

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    I was on steroids a few times in my life to help battle some illnesses that wouldn't leave my body.  I know its not the same, but I just kept on eating healthy and working out and eventually the weight I gained started coming off.

    Do you currently work out?  Are you keeping track of your food intake?  My Fitness Pal is a great tool that many knotties use to help keep track of their food.

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  • I didn't for a while because I was extremely busy with school but last week I started up again. However, I am remembering the times when I was on prednisone in the past...I was eating well (ok, maybe sneak in some treats here and there), running on the treadmill, doing kettle bells and weights, Ballet Beautiful and Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred...and I didn't start losing crap until I was on 2.5 mg. So yeah and I was doing yoga (power/vinyasa yoga, not the easy meditative kind) last year and I was pretty toned. The only way I have been able to lose a few pounds was when I went to NYC with my fiancé and we took the subway and  walked around EVERYWHERE. But yeah. I get depressed too whenever my doctors tell me they can't take me off of prednisone, whenever I still see high protein in my charts, or I'm still at a I end up eating more junk food because I feel it is useless. It's a never ending cycle. I shouldn't give up though. I need to be more tenacious.
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    I think your mind is starting to head in the right direction.  Look at this way, even if the scale isn't moving, do you see a difference in your clothes?  And working out in general is healthy, even if there are no physical changes taking place.

    It does suck when medical conditions get in the way, but staying active whether you see results or not is still beneficial to your body.

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