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To those who are married...

What do you wish you had spent the money/more money on? What do you wish you had that you didn't or forgot? What do you think was a waste of money and ultimately could have been forgotten? I'm trying to make my wedding amazing, since this is the only wedding I ever want to have. I'm trying to figure out if certain things are worth it. Like bubbles or favors. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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Re: To those who are married...

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    I am very glad we spent $2850 on a band because they were awesome and everyone told us how much fun they were. They were 100x's better than any DJ could have been.

    I'm also very glad we splurged on a videographer! Now we will always be able to relive the day! Also there is so much more a video can catpure that still pictures can not. 

    I have no regrets. 
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  • The day after my first wedding, I found numerous programs that had been left in the pews or dropped in the parking lot when we went to clean up the church.  Also, there were several favors left around the reception venue.  This time, I'm not investing the time or money in either.

    I am, however, bumping up the photography budget.  I got married in a small town before and my options were limited.  Hence, my photos were crap.  Pictures are very important to me, so this time I got my dream photographer!

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  • Wish I had spent more on the reception videographer.  The one we hired was AWFUL!

    Nothing, well except if the GM's hadn't forgot the TY sign that I made.

    I only made programs for half the RSVP's so as not to have waste and didn't do favors, no one missed them.

  • Right after we got engaged I got so caught up in the excitement that I ordered a bunch of that personalized ribbon (for the favor boxes), a bunch of disposable cameras and a few other things that ended up being a complete waste.  I'm very glad we did the favors (truffles) but I skipped pretty much all other "fluff" stuff (bubbles, sparklers, programs). 

    Very glad we upgraded the food options and had a full open bar (we were able to bring in the alcohol so we were lucky that way).  Your guests will remember the food, bar & cake; few will remember flowers, bubbles or favors (unless they're yummy). 

    I would have spent more money on photography but that's about it. 

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    [QUOTE] there were several favors left around the reception venue. Posted by pearls687[/QUOTE]

    We had this as well fortunately there were people who just took more (photo coasters and bells) but we could have done without.

    We also had a video kiosk in lieu of a photo booth that was a waste of money because not a lot of people used it.

    Glad we had a videographer and everything else
  • Although everyone loved our favors we could've done without them.  They were a pain to put together and we could've saved some serious money.  I'm glad we had a videographer and that we were able to hire a salsa band.  The band kept everyone dancing all night long.  I'm also glad we splurged a bit on the food.  It was absolutely delicious!  I'm glad we DIY'd the programs, menus and invites since many of them were left behind or thrown away.
  • What do you wish you had spent the money/more money on?
    -Spending "more" money was not an issue for us.

    What do you wish you had that you didn't or forgot?
    -The something blue, new, & used. i completely forgot this tradition and I think it would have been really cool for memento keepsakes.

    What do you think was a waste of money and ultimately could have been forgotten?
    -We got way too much beer. I know my guests. There were probably 15 glasses of beer taken from the keg. I freaked out about "running out" of beer and I should have just trusted my instincts.

    We hired a photo booth company which gave each guest a picture copy as a favor. It was the best money spent on the entire wedding.
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  • I wish we would have spent more on a better venue, and less on my dress and photographer. I know I could have found a dress I would've loved for a lot less, just didn't take the time to look. And we are not picture people and I was happy with the amount of pictures our guests took before I got the photographers CD back. If I could do it all over though, I would have had a DW!
  • We made our photographer a priority and skipped the videographer.  My pictures are amazing and I love them. 

    The best $25.00 I spent was on bridal (wedge) flip flops at David's Bridal.  I had very comfortable shoes so I didn't really think I needed flip flops, but at the end of the night before we continued to a surprise after party, I was soooooo glad I had those flip flops! 
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  • What do you wish you had spent the money/more money on?
    This sounds kind of silly, but the girl that did my hair offered to do a second hair style for the reception since I was so worried my hair would fall after our hot outdoor ceremony. It did and I wish I would of kept her around to put my hair in an up do for a little extra money. 
    What do you wish you had that you didn't or forgot?
    I wish we had a better videographer. I had a coworker do it, which was very nice and I'm glad I have the video, but it didn't turn out very nice with him talking in the background and getting into an argument with my photographer. :(
    What do you think was a waste of money and ultimately could have been forgotten?
    I guess the favors since we had so many left, but I still liked them.

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  • I liked our favors, but they were a waste of money. So many leftovers.

    Should have spent more on a DJ. We just wanted somebody cheap, but he didn't play what we wanted.

    Glad I didn't spend more on programs. The ones I made were fine, and we had too many.

    We're still eating cake and drinking leftover beer.
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    In Response to To those who are married...:
    ]What do you wish you had spent the money/more money on? A better videographer. I should have gone with my gut. 6+ months later and we still don't have the DVD, plus he is not returning emails or phone calls. Along with some other shady stuff he has done, I am wishing I went with a more expensive videographer.

     What do you wish you had that you didn't or forgot? Nothing, really. If I could have afforded to, I would have liked to have paid for the balcony at our venue (a country club), but it wasn't worth the $600.

    What do you think was a waste of money and ultimately could have been forgotten? Photoshare cards, bubbles, personalized napkins. FWIW, I DID like them and found them all cute. But if I HAD to cut somewhere, I would have cut those.

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  • I'm really glad we changed our mind and went with a DW.  I'm also really glad we hired a coordinator and a photographer.  I can't think of anything wedding related that wasn't worth the cost.
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  • I don't think there's anything I would have put more money into. We splurged on the photog and did not have a videographer, which I do not regret. I don't think I forgot anything. Pretty much all of our favors were taken and I have about ten programs that were left behind, I'm glad we did both. We did skip bubbles and personalized cocktail napkins and all that extra fluff.
  • What do you wish you had spent the money/more money on?

    I wish we would have hired a videographer. Still so upset I didn't. I also wish I had the musicians at our rehearsal, but it wasn't a huge deal. They had a prior commitment and wanted me to pay out the wazoo for them to be at the rehearsal.

     What do you wish you had that you didn't or forgot?

    I wish I got dressed at home and not the church, I also wish we were more on time. My mom was having a meltdown which caused us to be late..

     What do you think was a waste of money and ultimately could have been forgotten?

    Nothing. I didn't waste money on anything.
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    What do you wish you had spent the money/more money on?-Our photographer. When we met her, the price was right and we really liked her. In the end, there are very few pictures that I like.
    What do you wish you had that you didn't or forgot?-
    Uplighting. Our venue really didn't need it due to their chandeliers, but looking back, I would have splurged just to go a bit over the top.
    What do you think was a waste of money and ultimately could have been forgotten? -
    Honestly, nothing. I was a stickler for details and had to have everything custom (cardbox, cocktail napkins, menus, programs, aislerunner, etc, etc). It all put a really nice touch to the wedding that people still talk about. I have a house full of custom items that I have no clue what to do with.

    ETA...In regard to favors, there wasn't one left. I don't think they're a waste of money as long as they aren't 'cheesey' and something that guests will actually use.
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  • We just got married 12 days ago, so I don't have pictures or video back yet, BUT I am so glad I got both of those done because now that it is over, I am SO excited to see it.

    We did a wedding for 250 guests for about 15K. We did good quality food, but not fancy and I am really glad we stuck to our guns in the face of everyone saying we should go all out, becuase it didn't matter that it wasn't salmon and steak. We had Italian and it was yummy. So don't spend tons of money there, just enough to make it nice.

    We didn't do favors or anything for our exit, but we stayed and partied til the end. So do those if it is part of the day- like bubbles if you are doing a day wedding and are having a big EXIT moment, but doing it just to do it... you don't need to.

    I wouldn't spend tons on your dress. I spent $1500 with everything, alterations and all accessories and I still think that was way too much. My hubbie spent $100 and looked great.

    I thought it was worth it to do all the decorating of everything, but I am really into that. I helped a friend with her wedding and we just did candles on the tables and I never even noticed during the event. Way more important to have free beer and music.

    Good luck!
  • I'm glad we spent good money on our photographer and DJ. Everyone had an awesome time and talked about how much they loved the DJ and the music he played. Ditto on the photographer. Everyone was impressed with her the day-of and the pics were wonderful.

    I'm glad I went cheaper/DIY on the guestbook, programs, favors, "best wishes" mad libs, etc. They were nice little details, but not necessary to spend a ton of money on.

    I skipped bubbles and I'm glad I did. Besides centerpieces I didn't do much on decorations either. My venue was nicely decorated already and I decided it wouldn't matter if I put fake leaves on all the "extra" tables (guestbook, etc). And yeah it really did not matter.
  • We set up a camera to record the ceremony - only cost us the DVD to make a copy and I was happy enough with that. My photographer did a great job at capturing details of everything and she even shot a few short videos of people dancing.

    For favors, we did cups and koozies - things that people will use. We have a lot left but we are using them and everytime I use one I smile.

    I would've added a little more time to my ceremony because we were having a blast. It still went an hour and a half over and I had to shut it down or the next day would've been rough. With that being said, if I was doing it over  we wouldn't even think about a honeymoon until 2 days after the wedding and I would've gotten together with my friends again the day after. Probably with lots of Krystal burgers, fries and sodas. I would recommend making every effort you can to soak up every single second. It will go by so fast and you don't realize exactly what that means until it happens to you!
  • What I am glad I spent my money on: I'm so happy with my photographer and glad I went outside of my budget for her.  She did a wonderful job and her photos of our day are amazing!  I'm also so glad I spent the extra money on a videographer.  My dad passed away a month after our wedding and i'm so happy I have more then pictures to remember that day by. 

    What I wish I didn't spend money on:  I had crosswords made for each table and people could fill them out when they sat down.  I found out the next day that more then half of them were not even done.  That was kind of a waste.  Also, we purchased these wedding wishes books and placed them on tables.

    What I am glad I didn't spend my money on: I'm glad I didn't go crazy with things like buying a just married outfit to wear the morning of.  I found they were so expensive and I really wanted one but now i'm glad I saved my money.  I'm also glad I didn't spend $200 on a headpiece and got mine for $40 at a little jewelry store.
  • Like everybody else has said:  Make sure you get a good photographer and videographer.  We inititally didn't bother with a videographer, but a co-worker of mine said her husband was trying to start his videography business and offered to film our wedding for super cheap.  He did a fabulous job and I'm so glad that we now have that keepsake.

    I'm glad we didn't bother with favors.

    I'm also glad I didn't worry too much about the something old/new/borrowed/blue tradition.  The day of, I was so stressed and busy that I didn't even think about it.

    If you have any outdoor parts, make sure you plan ahead for how you're going to keep yourself dry in case it rains.  It poured on my wedding day.  Luckily it dried up just in time, but I was glad I had shelled out for a fancy, clear umbrella, since the only other umbrellas we own are rather gaudy-looking and would have looked silly in photos.

    Don't bother with footwear that's going to kill your feet.  You're going to be standing most of the day, so might as well be comfortable.  I wore simple white flats.   The only time anyone saw my feet was when my photographer took a photo of just H's and my feet.
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  • What do you wish you had spent the money/more money on? 

    What do you wish you had that you didn't or forgot? 

    What do you think was a waste of money and ultimately could have been forgotten? 
    The guest book and the bathroom baskets were virtually unused.   

    Our good investments were catering, DJ and officiant.   We splurged on the catering and ensured that we and our guests had a fantastic meal.  We hired an amazing DJ and had great fun.  We brought a family friend in to officiate and he did a fantastic job. 
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    What do you wish you had spent the money/more money on? 
    Nothing.  I thought everything was pretty perfect.

    What do you wish you had that you didn't or forgot? 
    If I had the budget I probably would have invited a few more relatives and friends, but I don't regret this or anything. 

    What do you think was a waste of money and ultimately could have been forgotten? 
    I would say that we shelled out to have some pitchers of soda at the reception, in addition to the standard water/coffee/tea.  Most people didn't know the soda was even there.  They were $15/pitcher and we had 3 of them.  I was worried people would be offended if there was only water to should just know that if you don't offer something, people won't really complain you don't have it.

    We did not do programs, which was fine since the ceremony was 5 minutes long.

    Glad I spent the money:  Photographer, venue, classical guitarist (played during ceremony and part of reception), dress, shoes, cakes

    you will always know what are the top priorities for you, and if you put most of your budget towards them, it will turn out awesome.
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  • I just got married Saturday :) I am so happy with our photographer! She is friends with my sister so she gave us a generous discount and the pictures so far are AMAZING! We invited about 80 people but only 50 people showed up so I wouldn't have spent so much on favors, candy, food, and I would've gotten a smaller cake. I was dissappointed that not as many people showed up, but as soon as I saw my husband every worry and stress went away. It was truly the perfect day. Everything looked even better than I imagined. I just wish we wouldn't of had it catered.
  • Oh! And I completely forgot to put on my gater! I bought the prettiest gater , but it slipped my mind so after the bouquet toss I finally realized I didn't have it on and I couldn't find it. I felt so rushed the day of the wedding and I was stressed out because we were running behind, but I should've just been more laid back. It's just suppose to be about you and your future husband anyways, the little things work themselves out :)
  • What do you wish you had spent the money/more money on? 
    Nothing.  We budgeted well and picked out battles.  I wish we would have paid for movers when we moved 2 weeks before the wedding.  It would have given us more time to unpack and get back to wedding stuff.

    I don't regret NOT spending a lot on favors.  We had little pillow boxes with a red ribbon with hershey's hugs and kisses.  The cost was minimal and they looked really nice.

    Redbull in the limo, I could have used a stash of redbull for right before the reception.

    Our cake topper was a glass heart with our names and the date.  I was glad we went with this rather than a figurine cake topper.  We can display it where ever we want.  However, after the wedding it got packed up somewhere and we have yet to find it...but we will.

    What do you wish you had that you didn't or forgot? 
    I spent what was appropriate for my dress and I felt great, but I never did find or have "the dress" moment.  I wish I would have gone with a more simple hair style but I still liked the look I had.

    What do you think was a waste of money and ultimately could have been forgotten?
    Nothing I can think of.   We really invested our money well.  Photography, DJ, Food and transportation were the main investments.  These were the pillers of our wedding.  Everything else followed in suite.

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  • I would have spent more money on photography, and splurged on a videographer as well.  I just didn't think of it in time.  My husband ended up throwning out his vows and ad-libbing a very sweet and hilarious monologue, which I would've loved to have on tape.

    We thought we were going way overboard on food (buffet with three salads, two entrees, cold cuts, cheeses, several appetizers, 5 pounds of assorted Italian cookies, two 8-inch gluten free cakes, a three-tiered cake, plus a backup sheet cake...all for 150), but we went through a ton of it.  

    We skipped favors and programs (we had a very short outdoor ceremony), and didn't miss either one.
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