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Etsy Wedding Dress Success Story!

Hi all :)

I purchased my wedding dress online from an Etsy designer in New York and I just wanted to share that it arrived today and I could not be more relieved/excited! I was so nervous not being able to try it on in person beforehand but I absolutely love it! I had it custom made based off of my measurements and it fits perfectly. I won't need any alterations at all! (more $$ savings!) I know many brides have had horror stories ordering wedding dresses online but I wanted to share my success story because I couldn't be happier! I tried on many similar dresses at other bridal shops and none of them were even remotely close to my price range. I ended up with the perfect dress at the perfect price and I ordered it online!

Here's what it looks like :D

Re: Etsy Wedding Dress Success Story!

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