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Lace Applique Hair Accessory

I'm going to wear a lace applique in my hair instead or a veil. Below is a picture of the "idea" and the one I bought to use placed on my hair. How should I keep it in place? Sometimes I find headbands pinch near my ears and elastics/ ribbons seem to slide up on the back of my head. If I don't attach the lace to a headband, elastic or ribbon, should I sew on of those clips like they use on a hair extension sew/ glue it onto a comb? Do you think a headband or ribbon would look prettier? Is there a way to keep an elastic headband or ribbon from sliding? Anybody else wearing an applique?

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    Maybe attach it to a hair clip? Something like these:
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    I would sew a couple of loops to the bottom of the applique and use bobby pins to go through the loops and into your hair. Use bobby pins close to your hair color, and cross a second pin over the pin that runs through the loop so the bobby pins form an X. You can also pre-spray the pins with hairspray to keep them even more secure in your hair.

    I'm not going to wear a lace applique because while I looooove the look, I don't think it will look right with the dress I bought. But I'm strongly considering wearing one for my bridal shower and/or honeymoon travel outfit, which is a white crochet lace dress, and this is how I'm planning to anchor it in my hair.

    Edit: And by "bottom", I mean the underside, against your hair, so the bobby pins will basically be invisible. I'd put one loop in the center, and one just in from each end. To sew the loops, I'd either sew a piece of ribbon on or just make some loops of strong thread or dental floss. You can also use fabric stiffener (I have a bottle of "Aleene's Stiffen Quik" for crafting) to make the whole thing not-floppy, if it's hard to work with.
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