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Men's Attire HELP!

So I literally have 10 weeks until the wedding and I can't decide on the men's attire. My F does not care at all what he wears and just wants me to pick what I want but I don't know what I want!

The wedding is outside and the girls are in blush pink long gowns. I was thinking dark charcoal grey suits with a matching vest and tie for the groomsmen but what should the fathers and ring bearer wear? Should they match or have something different like black suits and colored vest and/or tie? Would love to hear what others are doing! Thanks!

Re: Men's Attire HELP!

  • FI is still figuring this out too.  I was on team Gray Suit, as it's a 4:30 pm wedding.  FI is leaning towards tuxes which I wasn't fond of, but his mom brought up a good point:  My dress is pretty elaborate with beading and the bridesmaids are in long dresses, so she suggested the tuxes may match the fanciness level of the dresses a little better.  In the end, whatever FI wants to wear is fine by me.  

    I love long blush gowns, my BMs almost ended up in the same color!  Our fathers are both wearing black suits, I think, and the ring bearers will be in suits.  My dad is getting a tie with gold accents (our colors are navy and gold), but other than that, none of them will match exactly.  
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  • We were originally thinking tuxes too but like you, we have an early wedding (3pm). Is yours outside? I loved the look of the tuxedos but since it was earlier in the day and happening outside, I was thinking that a dark grey might be a little softer... althought right now Im thinking it would be easier to just go with the tuxes and be done with it! ha!
  • It is outside, that was another point in my leaning towards suits.  But, FI said his groomsmen really want to dress up, and tuxes are probably fairly easy to rent and look like they match.
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