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Etiquette for "Bridal brunch" (w/o gifts)

Hey ladies, I'm beginning to help the MOH (my younger SIL) plan a shower for her sister, the bride. The bride doesn't really want the traditional gift-giving shower, and she and her FI may not really register, maybe a few things for folks who prefer physical gifts. She seemed really excited about a more casual atmosphere, without tons of games or gifts (she said she's not comfortable with opening them in front of a large group of people), so I asked about a Bridal Brunch/Brunch with the Bride/whatever, and she loved it. I can probably afford to host the bridesmaids, cousins and aunts and a few family friends (25 ppl max), so I think that could be doable. I'm thinking (off the top of my head) a waffle bar, mimosas, Bloody Mary bar, and just trays of food from Sam's Club. Maybe some sort of craft, or something to encourage mingling/conversation, and I thought it might also be cool if the ladies brought their favorite recipe for a recipe book and had them all sign it.

If this is a non gift-giving event, how can that be handled via the invites? Or just handle it word of mouth from the hosts (me and SIL) and my MIL? I'd also assume maybe there would be a few gifts brought, and I'd encourage the bride to open them there. Am I missing anything, or any advice from etiquetteland? Has anyone else hosted one of these? (I'm trying to be very etiquette-conscious and a good host, just like my wedding, in which this board saved me

Re: Etiquette for "Bridal brunch" (w/o gifts)

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    Agree with the above.

    There isn't a way to say "no gifts", because saying states there was an initial expectation. Just leave "shower" out of it. If anyone asks of course you can let them know it's a brunch, not a shower. People may still bring them anyway.

    Otherwise, party sounds lovely :)
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