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Choosing a Wedding Band

So I have been going back and fourth on what type of wedding band to choose. So here's my "dilemma": My FI and I both want me to have a "cool" wedding band- more than just an eternity band or nesting ring. The only problem is that I think that anything too unique or big will take away/distract from the E ring or just look weird together. I was talking about it with my mom and suggested maybe wearing the wedding band on my right hand, that way they wouldn't be right next to each other "competing" for attention, but she freaked out and said that I should wear it with the E ring basically because that is what everyone does. So what would you or did you all do? Does anyone else wear their rings on different hands? Or is this a major no-no?

Thanks ! :) 

Re: Choosing a Wedding Band

  • You can wear your wedding ring any way you wish.   In Europe, many people wear it on the right hand.  In the USA, it is customary to wear it on the fourth finger of the left hand, but it isn't a law.
  • It's a personal preference for sure. Nobody is going to think you aren't married and nobody should be commenting on it. If they do, you can come here and tell us and we will all laugh. 

    I'm wearing mine together on my left hand, however I was about to not even get a ring at all until a few months ago. I realized my friend makes custom jewelry and was able to shape a band to my ring. My ring is pretty weird shaped. 

    For me, I like to wear junky costume rings to match outfits. I feel like my left hand is now off limits for any other ring, so my right hand became the costume ring hand. 
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  • Do it whichever way you want. My band is a little different, in that it has filigree swirls and marquise-cut sapphires and little diamonds. It doesn't necessarily 'match' my e-ring, but I wear them together because it 'goes.'
  • This is helpful, thank you all! 
  • My fiance really wanted a black ring, that was his only request! So after much research, we decided to go with a black ceramic ring for him because it's the only material where the black won't fade. I wasn't picky about my ring so I figured I might as well match him.

    We both ordered plain black ceramic rings online that cost us $11 each! And we will never feel bad if we accidentally lose our bands! :)
  • I actually planned to wear my engagement ring on my left hand and my wedding band on the right hand. The reason for this is that in my country (USA) wedding jewelry is worn on the left hand and in my fiancee's country it's worn on the right hand. Because of this, I didn't get a matching set. Once I got the wedding band I decided I preferred them both on my left hand, but I don't feel strongly about it. 
    If you want to wear your wedding band on the right hand, go for it. If you or your fiancee have ancestry from Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Lithuania, Greece, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Venezuela, or India (according to wikipedia) then the the right hand might actually be the "right" hand!
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