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getting a little discouraged

wanted some outside opinions. im getting married june 27 and my maid of honor hasn't helped really. she actually moved to another state and isn't coming back until THE DAY BEFORE my wedding. and my mom is out of the country due to the military. and then to top it all off my dad told me he isn't coming to my wedding due to another family meeting coming. needing words of advice and encouragement :( thanks in advance

Re: getting a little discouraged

  • cgss11cgss11 member
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    I'm sorry. It's hard when people live far away. My FI and I live across the country from our families and friends, and most aren't coming until the day before, and they are leaving right away again on Monday. So I understand a little. 

    Just try to remember the important things..you will be getting married, you will be beautiful, and it will be a great day no matter what and who is there and who isn't. You can relive the day a lot by sharing it later with those who can't make it. 
  • I understand. My parents are in GA and about half my bridal party is in other states. To piggyback off what @cgss11 said, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you're marrying the person you love the most. 

    Don't be discouraged. 
  • your dads not coming? Erk.. I'm sorry. Don't let anything ruin your day. You get to marry the man of your dreams and that should be your main focus. Don't worry about anyone else. I'm to the point where I'm like.. you know what, fuck it. figure it out people. I've done my part in this. My dad still hasn't got fitted for his tux and he was supposed to do that in fucking APRIL. arggg!! Screw it dude!
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  • Hey! I know how you feel! 
    I am also getting married on June 27, and the hard part is my bridesmaids are not from my state. My maid of honor is in Indiana. She has been extremely helpful, desptie the distance, but most of my bridesmaids have been MIA. Even when I text them, it takes days for them to reply, and even then, I only get 1 out of the 5 girls to reply. To make matters a little worse, my fiance has been in Europe for more than a month, and we are getting married in two weeks!
    I haven't been able to wedding plan with him, and I feel like I stress him out when I begin to ask him questions about the wedding because he is taking classes and our wifi connection is never stable and it ends up dropping the skype session. 
    So, like you, I feel lonely and discouraged at times because I literally feel like my mom and I are the only ones planning for this. His parents are prepping the house for the backyard reception and contributed a little, but we are handmaking everything. The signs. The centerpeices. The bouquets. Almost everything except for what you use to eat with!
    BUT as hard as it gets and as lonely as you feel, at the end of the road, you WILL get married to your best friend and one true love! That is what keeps me from feeling miserable. I think about my fiance and my heart beats a little bit faster and I get happier. Think of those days when you finally get to lay on the couch together, relaxed, and enjoying each other's company as husband and wife. That's what keeps me going! 
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